Little Bundle of Joy on the Way!

 Hi everyone! Wow, buhay pa pala ako! Lol!

Anyway, so my last post was March and today is September 13, and guess what? I am 6 months pregnant as I type this... SURPRISE! Well, we announced it when I was 8 weeks pregnant and we just wanted to make sure that the baby is fine and had a heartbeat already before we officially announced... but yaaaay!

Sophia making the announcement... hihi

Of course, everything is happening so fast... my tummy is so big, it's definitely bigger now that when I had my first pregnancy with Sophia. Although they say that that's normal, that usually tends to happen in your succeeding pregnancies because your stomach has already expanded.

So I am just 6 months pregnant but I feel like I am already in my last trimester, and I get comments on how big my tummy is when people see me these days. I can't even wear maternity pants without them sliding off my belly so my oversized shirts and maternity dresses are my best friends these days.

I am just babbling right now, and this post is really more of an update about how life has been lately so let's see where this post goes. But man, did I miss writing! I missed writing here and I miss jotting down my thoughts... I have been writing, don't get me wrong, as a freelance social media manager, I am faced with content every day... but it's different when you write with no agenda or not because you are after some output... Anyway, I hope you are able to do the things that you love, too!

Here is a quick snap of our baby girl's last ultrasound, you can see how much she looks like Sophia!

Sabi nung iba twins daw, siya po yung nasa kanan. Unanan ko po ung nasa kaliwa :P

We have been telling Sophia that there is a baby inside my tummy so she can have her expectations set as the weeks go by, and I think now that my tummy is bigger she can see the possibility that there is another human being inside! During the first few weeks, I don't think she could fully wrap her mind around the fact that there is a living and breathing human being inside my small tummy.. but now she would kiss my tummy and pat it and say, baby sister...

I think she will be a great big sister! Although there are times I worry if she would feel bad when my body would be tied with her little sister, especially during the little one's newborn days... But a momma friend told me that while you physically attend to your newborn's needs, you also have to emotionally fill the cup of your older kids by spending time with them and involving them in taking care of your newborn baby.

So I hope I get to still smother Sophia with love when this little bundle of cuteness comes out. I am just reminded of this verse these days. To be honest, there are days when I wake up in the middle of night then my mind will start swirling with the next day's to-dos and questions about how the next few months will pan out... Like how do I juggle everything that I have right now when I give birth? Along with being a wife, a mom of 2, I also have to think of my clients and plan everything before I go on maternity leave. And sometimes, I think wouldn't it be nice to not have to plan things all the time? haha!

But these days, I am reminded of this verse that has been hanging on our pinterest boards and everywhere since the beginning of time --- DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW. On the other side of WORRY is TRUST. Trust that everything will work out in the end and not allow tomorrow's worries to rob the joy of today.


Andami ko na naman sinabi! haha! Pero ayun! I hope that this verse also encourages you! I will also try to update here in the coming weeks because I also felt that God is leading me to write again, to write for Him, for myself and for the people I love. 

So ciao for now!