Japan Series: Mount Rokko

How are you?

So much has happened since my last post – not only on a personal level but on a global level. Covid 19, kelan mo ba kami illet go? Wag na masyadong clingy! Lol!

Anyway, I was browsing through my old photos and I realized that my Japan posts were already way overdue! So I will be catching up on our Japan posts... this is also my way of documenting what happened on our trip.

Sana naman maalala ko pa ang mga detalye bilang buntis pa ko nun at 5 months na ang anak ko haha!

So here it goes!

Fave Rokkosan!

Mount Rokko was our favorite part of our Osaka trip because it is a plethora of what we both love and need -- nature, mountains, fresh air without the aching feet and tiring climb. Since I was already 7 months pregnant at that time, we needed to be our less adventurous selves and take it easy. Though we are so thankful to God that even with my growing belly, we were still able to go to more places and do more than what we expected during our trip. 

Thank You Lord for protecting me and Baby Sophia the whole time! 

How to get there

Mount Rokko tourist pass. 4 words that would make your life easier if you want to include this in your itinerary. We bought this for 1,200 yen per person which is such a steal because it already includes:

  • Unlimited rides on Rokko Sanjo bus
  • 1 Rokkosan Tourist Pass
  • One-time round-trip ticket on Kobe City Bus No. 16
  • One-time round-trip access ticket on Rokko Cable Car


You may visit their site for more info here.

There were certain areas though that has entrance fees like the Musical Box Museum and the Alpine Botanical Garden so if you want to go to all the nooks in Rokkosan, you have to prepare extra cash.

As for us, we were happy to just get what the tourist pass has to offer so whenever there was additional fees involved, we would just walk the outskirts of the place and take photos.

This is the map of the place so there were several stops that you can get off to via the Rokko bus, parang field trip actually! lol!

This is the cable car going up, odiba walang kahirap hirap!

Come and see how gorge this place is!

Mount Rokko is filled with great top views with lush gardens lined with autumn trees (we still can't get over those red trees). So we were taking photos every chance we get! We already got there around lunchtime so we had the entire afternoon to spend in Mount Rokko. It may be best to get there earlier so you can maximize going around this popular tourist destination.

"Kelan kaya ulit makakaakyat ng bundok...?" He really missed the mountains... 

At first, we were just chillin' with our fall clothes because it wasn't too cold yet but by around 5pm, we already had our bonnets and gloves on, full gear na to 'te! and we were rubbing our hands to feel the warmth because it was already freezing cold! Brrrrrr!

So just a tip if you're going there during fall, bundle up, and layer all the way!


bale-leeg pose will get you anywhere ;)

Just looking at the photos make me want to say that we can all get through this. We will soon get to travel once again and see the skies, the sun and bask in the beauty that God has surrounded us with -- without worry and with gratitude. Kapit lang, mga bes!

I was telling Dennis awhile ago that I want to go back to Japan during springtime so Sophia can see the country in full bloom. I am sure she will love all the pretty flowers! That is my hope and prayer... our prayers go out to everyone!

In the meantime, throwback travel photos would do. God bless everyone!