Proud to be a Misfit

Did you ever feel left out when you were younger? Like you don’t fit in or you feel too different from your peers?

I remember when I was younger, I was really an insecure girl – I would always compare myself to my friends and classmates who were smarter and prettier. Natatatawa nalang ako ngayon pag naalala ko yun. I still have my old diaries with me to prove that so isang malaking hallelujah talaga to Jesus for getting me out of that pit. Haha!

Most of us have felt that way and it is such an ugly feeling – the kind that we just want to run away from.

For Nikki, it started ever since she was a child. She grew up playing with their neighbor’s dog, she candidly shares. She wondered whether there was something wrong with her because she felt void of that sense of belonging and acceptance wherever she goes.

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In her teen years, she tried to fit in. Unfortunately, she blended in far too well that she felt like she lost herself in the process.

Ever felt that? Yes, you have people to eat with during lunchtime and you get invited to the parties and events, but you start to lose your grip to who you really are in the process.

“Nalost na ako ganun. Hanggang sa kinekwestyon ko narin yung purpose ko. There was this time binuo ko yung 90s and noughties. Streetwear sya.

Ginawa ko yung streetwear brand na ‘yun because I wanted to look cool and to get people's attention. Pero walang nangyari. Walang tumangkilik. Then after ilang years, nagpray na talaga ako kay God, sabi ko Lord alam mo naman yung laman ng heart ko. Alam niya I wanted to really put up a streetwear brand where I can express everything through my craft. Pero this time, gusto ko idirect ako ni Lord san niya ko gsto mapunta.”

That was when God led her to study in CIIT where she learned more about how to sell and market products. But the feeling of being left out still hang in the air. It was then that God spoke to her and the word “misfits” kept appearing in her mind.

It was in this season of wondering and asking God that God helped her realize that she felt that way for a reason.

She wasn’t born to fit in. She was born to stand out. She is set apart. She is different, as she should be. She is not called to be everyone else.

Out of the billions of people in the world, there is only one Dominique Louise Acuna, her full name.

True enough, she discovered the meaning behind her name Dominique. Guess what it means? It means “of the Lord.” So that’s why she has been feeling this way. God has a purpose for that and it is to say that she is exactly where she is supposed to be because He has called her to be different.

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And that’s how Misfits Club & Co came to be! It resonates to each and everyone in the world that you are different and that’s fine. You don’t have to be everyone else.

You are a misfit.

And you have to take pride in that.

Because your creator definitely takes pride in you.

Currently, Misfits Club & Co carries their own designs of shirts, beanies, chest rigs and cross body bags.

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Teddy Corpus wearing one of their chest rigs at Showtime: I Support local brands. Thank you for this amazing chest rig that I wore during one of my Showtime prod.

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Makes me proud to be a Filipino! So what’s their design inspiration when it comes to their products? It’s streetwear and the local hiphop scene. Although they’re always on the look out for the trending color schemes, they always ask themselves how they can incorporate their own style and look to make it their own.

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Drop by their online store to buy their cool merch here! Word has it that they will be coming out with vests, bucket hats and tote bags soon!