Akala ko Alam ko na ang Love (Part 3)

Before we got married, Dennis and I attended a marriage prep seminar in church wherein we got to learn about the foundation of marriage and the practical ways to not only make a marriage work but to make it work for God's purposes.

I remember we were running late to the seminar that day and so I was thinking of booking a grab in advanced, but then he suggested that there were many taxis so let’s just hail one instead.

I agreed but in my mind, I knew that my suggestion was better. So later on, when he realized that too, I told him "sabi ko sayo eh..." So imagine when the the topic that day was about wives submitting to their husbands. God really does go before us, huh! :P

And one speaker said that when wives and husbands agree on something, walang sisihan dapat and dapat walang "sabi ko na nga ba eh..." with matching iling pa and tsk tsk tsk in the end...

So Dennis and I really learned a whole lot in that seminar! It was great to just be there and listen to couples who have been through years and years of laughter, challenges, transitions and seasons together...

So for this last part of this series, I asked 8 couples on the best marriage advice they can give that really helped them as a couple. So whether you are single, in a relationship, on your way to being married, or feel like you have been married far too long... kung akala mo alam mo na ang love, but wait, there's always more...

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1. April & Santino, 6 years married

"Always communicate openly with your partner. That way, you guys will always be on the same page regarding anything such as important family decisions, financial matters, how to raise your children, etc. By always communicating, you avoid disagreements and arguments in the future. Besides, your partner is your best friend too right? So you should be able to tell him or her just about anything!"

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2. Zarah & King, 9 years married

"King and I got married at a young age. We're just 20 yrs old then but when we look at other young couples who got married, most of them got separated already or were divorced. So 1 advice that really helped us in our marriage is truly our relationship with God. I was already pregnant when we got married although it's not just the reason why we got married right away but also the commitment we have for each other. We can't make a mistake by making another wrong thing again so because we have a relationship with God and He understands and forgives us so we decided to get married and it actually strengthens ourselves as individuals and as a married couple too.. On June 28 2019, we'll be 10 years married. All by God's grace. Thank U God"

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3. Sarah & Lou, 8 years married

"Sa advice, one thing we always remember is that to never give up communicating because Jesus did not give up on us. Usually, dito ngsisimula ung major fight ung akala nung isa ganito gnyan kaya, they usually avoid communicating. Regardless if you are right or wrong, if you raise ur voice you are wrong! Our spouses are given to us so that we can be good stewards of them, pahiram lang sa atin sila ni God, we do not own them, they are not our slaves, or someone whom we can benefit from but all in all they are given to us because God wants us to take care of them in line with His word 🙂"

 4. Cathy & Dino, 5 years married

"I’ve learned so many things about married life, and I’m still learning every day! Pick your battles. Act like kids. Don’t take things too personally. Laugh at your husband’s jokes, even if you’ve heard it before. When you’re frustrated, always remember what truly matters, and that should be enough. Compromise, and know that stubborn pride really won’t do you any good down the road. Respect your partner and all his efforts, for the man he is and the man he wants to become, because he’s trying to be better for you each and every day. Most of all, be kind. When you get right down to it, that’s all any of us ever really needs—kindness." 

5. Valine & Jayr, 6 years married

"Married couples (preaching to myself too): always remember that you are a team—you are ONE ika nga. As the saying goes, “there is no ‘I’ in team,” so it’s best to stop trying to prove you’re right and stop being consumed by your spouse’s flaws. Makakampi kayo for life, hindi magkaaway. Personally, this is easier said than done because my pride usually gets in the way, but that just reminds me of how much I need God more and more everyday to save me from my weaknesses. God really holds things together, your marriage included. 😉"

"What I would always say, “buhay ang Diyos.” - Jayr

6. Joy & Boyet, 27 years married

"Hahaha, I can give you 1 word. Patience!"

7. Mich & Carlo, 8 years married

"Be each other's safe zone. After a long day at work, and battles outside the home, it helps us both to look forward to coming home and be able to open our hearts to one another, knowing we are always on the same side. This builds trust between us both, and guides us to deeper, more mindful prayers for one another. 💕"

8. Ronna & Bojo, 7 years married

"Lowering expectations and increasing our appreciation was something we heard a lot. I think it helps to remember that so as not to think about how the other "should" be or what he or she "should" do. No (or lower!) expectations also means allowing our spouse to be who they actually are, and not who we are or what we would have done in a given situation. What you get instead, when something is done for or given to you, are bonuses. In the same way, when we give or serve our spouse, let us not expect anything in return."

... When it comes to love, we really have to keep learning and the best way to do that is by being part of a community who will encourage you, pray with you and battle with you to make your marriage work. And to say that we need that kind of support is an understatement! :D 

So with that, happy hearts day everyone!

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