What's your Beauty Routine?

It's sometimes overwhelming to see the thousands of choices women have nowadays when it comes to beauty and the question what's your beauty routine has turned from simple to complicated and natural to permanent.

I actually don't follow a gazillion beauty step routine and I try to keep my everyday make up stash in a small pouch. Kung hindi na sya kasya sa pouch na yun then maybe it already has more than what I need. :P

Seven Reasons to Add Charcoal Peel Off Mask in Your Beauty Routine

I guess the principle is really what do I do to take care of what God has given me? I mean our cars are insured, our houses are triple locked... even our phones and bags even have their own protective covers... so all the more that we have to take care of ourselves.

So I asked 8 beautiful women on what their routine looks like when it comes to taking care of themselves and here's what they have to say:

1. Ville, 33, lawyer sa umaga, artista sa gabi HAHAHA!

When I turned 30, I took skin care more seriously. First, hydration is key; second, opt for face foams and toners without alcohol content; third, moisturize; fourth, if you can allot some time (and patience), do the Korean 12-step skin care routine; fifth, apply sunscreen before you go out of the house.

On make up: My basics would be: (1) Groomed but not so sculpted eyebrows; (2) Blush; and (3) Power lipstick

2. Nikki, 25, Student & Freelance Multimedia artist

My everyday beauty routine consists of water therapy. I drink 1 full glass of water before eating breakfast. I use Pond's facial wash to clean my face because it suits my sensitive skin. I don't really use any cream or sunscreens because I tend to break out whenever I put anything on my skin. I just try my best to stay indoors and avoid the sun. The only moisturizer that works for me is Celeteque which is water based. I don't get any breakouts from it. Other than that i just drink lots of water everyday.  And as much as possible I avoid food with preservatives.

3. Julie, 28, Manager

My everyday beauty routine consists of drinking lemon water in the morning. Throughout the day, I make sure I drink 8-16 glasses of water. I am not a really a fan of complicated skincare routine or changing it up too often (I don’t have time for a daily 10-step skin care routine and believe in simplified skin care based on my schedule. Hehe) I stick with what works for me and the basics. I cleanse my face using a gentle moisturizer, (I use Cetaphil Cleanser for my face). I make it a point to apply sunscreen everyday whether it’s sunny, cloudy or cold (I use Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+). 

I also use daily moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated (I use Cetaphil Daily Face Moisturizer SPF 15). In some cases, despite my best effort to keep my skin happy (but puyat days from work every month-end is there hehe), so it still breaks out. I use Differin Adapalene 1% as prescribed by my dermatologist on my face during my breakout periods (consult your dermatologist first ).

I also take my daily vitamins (multivitamins, collagen, and vitamin C and E) and make sure I eat vegetables and fruits everyday.

4. Pauline, 41, Businesswoman

Beauty routine? Hmmmm none really... Just cleaning off thoroughly the make-up or sunblock every night, sleeping early (para hindi puyat because if not.... Eyebags and dark spots), eating right, what goes into your body will show how healthy you are first through your skin. Lastly, be happy... Believe me.. The glow on the face will show if you're genuinely happy 😊 Young living oils 😊 Nars sunblock & moisturizer. Clinic toner.

5. Glenda, 40, Homeschool mom

My daily skin care routine goes like this:  I wash my face with Senka whip facial wash then I put my toner. I use Thayer's witch hazel rose scented infused with my pure essential oils frankincense, lavender and tea tree. Then I put CosRx poreless power liquid and my anti-wrinkle eye cream and anti wrinkle face cream. Then once a week I use a facial mask or a clay mask. Moisturize early!  And don't ever skip your skin care routine  kahit tinatamad ka, you will reap see the results as you age.

6. Yet, 42, homemaker

Here’s my simple beauty routine: I do the 3- step cleanse, tone & moisturize. I use 2 different moisturizers for day & night. I’m also religious in applying sunscreen everyday even if I’m only home. On top of these, I drink lots of water & sleep 7-8 hrs/day.  For cleansing I use Physiogel. For toner & moisturizer I use Japanese brand HADA LABO...I use the red color for firming na ako hehe. For sunscreen I have 3, BIORE for everyday, ANESSA by Sheiseido for special occasions coz it’s matte finish & CATCH D SUN by Happy Skin that i usually bring in my bag — it’s an “on the go hydrating UV mist” pang retouch.

7. Victoria, 4th year Entrepreneur student

My skin is one of the most important part of my body that I really put so much care and investment because it is the one thing that people would look at me, and I want to be presentable all the time. My beauty routine is super simple. I would start by washing my face with facial foam then applying sun block to my face before I go to my no make-up make up face using my lip and chick tint, press powder and of course brow liner because kilay is life. The best among all of my beauty routine is wearing your greatest confidence 🙂

8. Lesley, 32, pastry chef
My routine starts with soaking the skin with a gentle soap then scrub with a cleansing brush. Then toner, moisturize then serum. Sometimes I end it with a clay mask or hydrating mask.

So there you go girls! And as what the women shared, your beauty routine doesn't have to complicated or expensive. Did you see a pattern? Let's call these the ABCs of beauty:

1. Au Naturel

Go for the all-natural look because you want to accentuate what you already have instead of covering up what's already there. You want to still look like yourself, but only better!

Also, always go for the natural stuff because it won't let you down like drinking lots of water and sleeping at least 7 hours a day. I should take my own advice, lol because I don't drink water that much throughout the day.  Whoops! Noted, girls! Thanks for the reminder!

2. Basic Steps: Protect -> Cleanse -> Tone -> Moisturize

Repeat after me: No matter how tiring your day went, always take off your make up. Your skin will thank you the next morning. Then tone to minimize your pores then moisturize. This will just take 15-20 minutes!

And if there is a regular beauty product that I buy, it's CC cream. CC cream fan ako forevs! I am such an advocate of this that I already influenced my friends because like what I always say, even though it's not sunny outside, there are still UV rays so you always have to protect your skin from the sun.

I am a beach baby though and I like hiking and nature -- so I make sure I lather on sunscreen (I use Beach hut Max SPF 100+++ lol! OA baaaa) when I know my skin will be extremely exposed to the sun.

3. Confidence is king (or queen in our case :P)
You can have the prettiest face but if your shoulders are hunched and you wear it looking down -- people will hardly notice.

We are created in the image of God and we all know that God creates beautiful landscapes and gorgeous people (amen!)-- so we have to do our part to reflect that.

More than the make up and what you put on your face, it is the inner beauty that will eventually shine through, as cliché as it sounds. If you are confident in who you are, that's true beauty!

So how about you, what's your regular beauty routine? :) What are your must-haves and must-dos? :)