How to Keep that Bridal Glow

I think one of the keys to being your naturally glowing self is to take good care of your skin and your body. Sans the make up and the many things that you can opt to do today, it really is important to go back to the basics. Having a good base is the key!

So days before my wedding, I headed over to Bianca Festejo Salon for my hair make retouch and for my facial. The roots of my hair were already showing so I touched up on that and I also had hair treatment! Win! 

Here's a quick tour of my visit at their lovely salon 2 months ago!

And can I just say that it's been 2 months after my wedding and my hair is still smooth and soft! I've done a lot of things to my hair in the past -- like rebond, perm, treatments and even the Brazilian blow out but this Keratin treatment was a lot like a blow out (so it straightens your hair without the drying effects of a rebond) but it has more staying power.

I thought it was just going to be one of those regular treatments wherein after two washes, it would go back to how my hair used to be -- but even now my hair is smooth and straight. Yaaay!

How about the facial? I tried Oxyfacial before but for this one, I tried the Photo Rejuv facial and as expected, my sensitive had red blotches right after which subsided after a few minutes. I didn't panic because my skin usually reacts that way at first but then it felt super clean and smooth after! 

And the best part? It's pain-free! My suggestion is to have this done at least 2 weeks before for the maximum treatment -- the girl who did my facial didn't prick my face anymore because it was already way too close to my wedding and but you can opt to have your face pricked if you want it extremely clean.

I've only had 2 facials in my life and both are done by experts at Bianca Festejo! Here are some selfie snaps of our special day!

P.S. They already have 3 branches in the Metro, and they have ongoing promos for all your beauty needs that will definitely fit your budget! :)

Photos by: Alf Alba