Wedding Highlights

Only 2 days to go and we are already one month married! Whoohooo!!! Ambilis nang panahon! Anyare! 

So sending you guys love by sharing our wedding highlights before I flood you with our photos of our special day in the next post:

1. Faith-building moment when we prayed for the rain to stop
I think most of our guests knew that the venue was really special to us. Remember my post about our 1-month venue hunt after the proposal? It took me a long time to decide because the venue was one of the big rocks of our wedding. We wanted to showcase God's majesty and glory with the amazing overlooking view, so that was one of the "this is it!" moment for me that pretty much made it clear na eto na talaga yung venue natin.

So when it started to pour at 4pm (exact time of our wedding, si Lord talaga may sense of humor :P), halaaaa siya...

The entourage already started to march but when the rain poured harder, everyone went inside the pavilion to take cover. Plan B was to  have it in the indoor pavilion if the rain doesn't stop. At this point, I was inside the bridal car -- praying.

Dennis was the one inside the pavilion together with all the guests and everyone was waiting for his decision. 

He knew in his heart that we prayed for this so he told the team "give me 5 more minutes" and those 5 minutes were fervent prayers to God to stop the rain.

And guess what, it did! The rain stopped and the skies cleared! 

Grabe si Lord! It reminds me when someone said that God likes to show up in weddings because marriage is His design and it is one thing to have clear skies the entire day and quite another for the rain to start pouring then for it to stop with all the guests feeling the tension and wondering what's going to happen next.

And a rainbow also showed up before all this happened -- I didn't see this -- I just found out about it from guests which reminds me of God's covenant -- the rainbow first showed up during Noah's time and it served as a reminder of God's covenant to His people. 

Ibang klase si God diba :D Thank You Lord for these moments :D

2. Honoring our parents
Baka maiyak tayo ulit so hindi ko na to ieexpound haha! But this really is a cringe-worthy, sometimes awkward but always-so-special moment in a wedding ceremony.

Dito talaga humahagulgol ang mga tao more than the wedding vows, because it is such a special moment between the bride and groom with their parents -- so if you're planning on getting married soon, this is a highly recommended part! :D

3. Love of Friends, Family and Church Community
All our friends, family and guests who made our wedding super special --
from our cake, to our invitations, to our bridal car, to our coordinators, hosts, music team -- all of these are blessings!

And even the fairy lights that I really wanted but felt was an indulgence rather than a need (kasi diba maganda lang naman talaga sya :P yun lang ang purpose nya), God showed me that He is a Father who desires to lavishly bless us through other people! Sobrang daming blessings that really made Dennis and I extremely grateful to be part of a church community who is so generous with their love and support. 

Getting married is a step of faith -- in all aspects -- and we are just so blessed to be surrounded with people who prayed for us, stood by us, corrected us and encouraged us.

So maraming maraming salamat talaga! :D Our wedding was really memorable because it's a testament of God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives. :D

Now, onto flooding your screen with our wedding photos!

Photos by:
Alf Alba
Mico Medel