Hi everyone! Just sneaking in a short post on our honeymoon here in Palawan!

Sandwiched in between the glorious snaps of beaches and lagoons are the mundane and typical moments of two people. Halfway into our honeymoon, our stomachs started to take somersaults and i started throwing up the meals I just ate, in short nag LBM kami. Hahahah! Yaaaaak! How very romantic! 😂

Before the “incident” lol!
What that resulted to was a full day in bed.. it was Dennis who first had diarrhea. The next day, it was my turn. In bouts of nausea, alternate turns to the bathroom, 8-hour interval antibiotics and gulps of pocari sweat — i saw a glimpse of what real life marriage was all about. Wow may realization si ate! 😂 It’s not sunsets or cheesy sayings or perfect jumpshots — it’s those seemingly regular moments when real love is given an opportunity to all the more show.


What took the centerstage was not when Dennis took me to great island tours but it is when he wakes me up in the middle of the night to make sure I drink my antibiotics on time and whipping out a bottle of omega and proclaiming it’s the best news ever for my upset tummy. It’s taking a ride to the market even though he is not in his best state either just to buy me my favorite hotdog and bananas which i ended up throwing up 10 minutes after. It is holding me all through the night when I just wanted nothing more than to sleep through the nausea and feverish feeling.

It is those regular moments that make sharing it with someone truly special — so eto pala yung marriage, mga bes! — someone finally gets to witness you and love all sides of you including the ugly parts. It is making great memories together and tucking them into your never-forget memory box to tell your future grandkids.

PS. Memorable honeymoon, check!