Getting Married

Hello everyone! It's been awhile and so many things happened already waaah! Sorry for not updating you sooner (waw. kala mo naman daming following haha!)... but here goes the first one... Last November 9, I got married to this awesome guy (nukkkks!).

I worried a bit with the many changes this change of status comes with... but it's amazing how cooking, doing the laundry,  washing the dishes can be so enjoyable... Wow mga besh! This is coming from me! Lol! It's funny how we surprise ourselves at times that even the most basic things that I didn't see myself enjoying before turn out to be tasks that I thoroughly enjoy now! #achievementunlocked

Well, Dennis is still the more organized one between the two of us (just the other night, I went home and the floors were scrubbed clean and our aircon was finally set up! Thank you Lord for my husband! :P) but I really enjoy making our apartment our home. 

With furniture shopping, hanging framed verses made especially for us and putting our photos in the photo frame in the living room -- Dennis and I just sit there at times, drinking our 3-in-1 coffee and eating our leftover piyaya from Palawan (wait, Palawan would be for another post #andamikongutang) and just thank God to be there exactly at that moment -- doing something fairly routinary but with so much happiness brimming in our hearts.

It wasn't like that though the first night we slept at the apartment. After the wedding, someone blessed us with hotel accommodation in Tagaytay where everything was served to us on a silver platter (well not quite but close, because they serve us breakfast in bed) and we just slept, ate and watch TV the whole day.

#breakfastinheaven #pamperingatitsbest

We had to go home on Sunday night at the apartment because we will be flying to Palawan first thing in the morning the next day. If you know me, you know that one of my holy discontent in life is to see all cockroaches in the world annihilated (you can talk to me about ecological balance but I still don't see the point of them living in this world, ang mean ko ba saknila? haha!). 

So imagine my face when we opened the door to our apartment and there were not 1, not 2, not 3... but 5 cockroaches of varying sizes enjoying their stay at our new home! Ang arte ko pero hindi talaga ako matahimik kapag nakikita ko may buhay na ipis sa paligid... I guess Dennis saw the disappointment on my  face so he killed them all and told me he would buy spray when we get back from Palawan.

And he did! Aside from the occasional teasing I get from him (like him throwing a dead cockroach on the bathroom floor when I am taking a piss or dangling one in front of me, so hindi pala occasional, frequent pala!), he has taken on the responsibility to make the apartment ipis-free as much as possible for his maarte wife (ayan inamin ko na po haha!)

So if you ask me how's married life so far? I'm really enjoying it -- of course there are adjustments but what surprised me was that it wasn't THAT BIG of a change than I initially thought it was. I guess it's different for everyone and maybe I'll talk about adjustments in the  next posts, but married life is not the next season wherein everything had to change. It's just like you're living life but now someone gets to witness it with you -- now you get to do life with someone you love. You get to pursue God's purpose for your life with someone there cheering you on 24/7.

Dennis and I are one now but i still feel like myself -- or maybe even more myself because i get to explore parts of me I haven't seen before. 

I guess that's the beauty of marriage eh? Surprising yourself now and then and discovering more of yourself and your spouse in the process.

So with that, kelangan ko na magpalit ng punda haha! :D Next post will be highlights of our wedding :) Yaaaay!