Do you still love me?
You asked
I blinked
Opened my mouth to say, of course
But my heart stopped me.

Do you still love me?
You repeated
I swallowed the lump in my throat
And asked myself
Have I forgotten You my King?
Have I replaced You with other things?

I closed my eyes
Held back the tears
And imagined myself sitting at Your feet

I miss you, my Lord
I miss the place where I met you
The place where it was just me and You
The place where I can answer you without a doubt 
That yes, I still love You

As guilt and shame flood my heart
I took a step back
But before I can even take another step
You say
You're forgiven, my child.

Then You held my hand
Lifted my face
And showed me the cross.

The cross made me pour out the tears 
I was trying to hold back
Then You held my face
Wiped away my tears

Then You said with the gentlest voice
As if to silence the doubt that has been filling my mind
Yes, my child, I still love you
I never stopped loving you.

And as I felt the tug in my heart
Bringing back the grace and love 
from where it all started

I smiled
Forgiven, redeemed
Filled with hope
I opened my mouth and said
Yes, Lord
I love You too.