A Look at Breathing Spaces

When I ask people to draw, sketch or paint my words, they have free rein when it comes to creativity. I didn't want to dictate because they are artists for a reason so I just give them the words then sila na bahala. :)

So when I came up to CJ to illustrate Breathing Spaces for me, I gave her complete control however she chooses to interpret the poem:
Naisip ko kanina nung binabasa ko ung story niyo, na nasa top ng mountain ung nagsasalita sa poem, and she is rising above the worldly view of a romantic relationship (kaya medyo round ung inaapakan niya, referring to the "world") 
And she looks above, looking to the One who created the stars and the mountains and herself... Looking to the one who loved her first.  
He is her breathing space.
When I first saw the illustration, I was so amazed on how beautiful it was! It was the perfect accompaniment to the poem -- simply because it points back to Him who loved us first. Thanks CJ! I told her later on that I love stars. Kinilabutan daw sya! It is the one thing I look for when I look out from our balcony at night. It's my no-fail pick me up!

I actually wrote the poem before Dennis laid down his intentions for me so I was in that space in between. For me, the poem was about waiting with a purpose...

So the space was the gap that I was not willing to cross because I think as women, we have to create space for us to hear from God, and we have to create space for men to pursue us and take the lead.

Do you agree? :)

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