Mt. Nagpatong Rock Formations + Tungtong Falls

A few weeks ago, we went to Mt. Nagpatong in Rizal... if you're looking for a quick getaway climb, Rizal has a lot of mountains, peaks and formations to choose from.

This one's a day trip and since I love falls, we also decided to take a side trip to Tungtong falls. Yahoooo!

Ang tanong ng bayan: Ano ba ang pagkakaiba ng trek sa hike? 

(thanks Mhe for this phone in question)

Google says: 

Hiking is an outdoor activity of walking in beautiful natural environments on pre-charted paths called hiking trails. There are day hikes and overnight hikes.
Trekking is a long journey be undertaken on foot in areas where there are usually no means of transport available. Trekking is not necessarily mountaineering; it is walking for a number of days, usually on uncharted paths, in challenging environments which are likely to be hilly or mountainous.

In short, mas mahirap at pang-Amazona ang trekking. #yunlangyun

The crew: Mhe, Kuya Tour Guide, Dennis, Fevie, Jib, Me and Karl

Survival stuff: Gloves + Non-slip rubbershoes

It was an easy trail but since it was pouring the day before, it was also really muddy. check out our shoes in the photos. :P But it was either muddy trail + shade or dry grounds + sun... I'd choose the former one any day because a sunny climb means double sweat and possible dehydration... Mas nakakapagod yun, mga bes! haha!

You just have to wear the right shoes for this climb because it was really slippery all throughout. Yikes!! And wear gloves because the rocks are sharp and the climb is steep going to the peak.

We started the climb at 7am and reached the peak at 11am. There was a buwis-buhay moment wherein two guides would be helping you get to the second half of the rock formation with ropes because you have to go all the way around and since these are solid rocks, there really was no secure footing to speak of...

After a couple of hours of climb, finally! The peak was really beautiful! It's 360 degree beautiful... and we have it to ourselves! Whoohoo!

Rock Formations View

After that we had a quick lunch in one of the sari sari stores on our way to the falls. Nothing beats pancit canton + canned corned tuna + hard boiled egg + rice + cold mountain dew. Naglalaway na ba kayo? hehe! Ang sarap nyan diba! Perfect meal for a climb!

So after aiding our rumbling tummies, we were ready for the falls. The really exciting part? The short rappel going down. 

Hanging on to Dear Life at Tungtong Falls

Nice, right? The most scary part for me was going back up because the rocks were slippery and once you go up, you have to keep going because it's more tiring to hang on to the rope... eh hindi pa naman malakas yung arms ko... but the wall climbing experience proved to be useful and the tips I got were: your entire weight has to be carried by your arms and do not let go of the rope, EVER.

So there was a part when my foot slipped so I rammed my knee against the rock but I just held on because... my life... and just started climbing again. I also had cramps going up... haha! Wawang katawan! But I was super happy when I managed to go all the way up on my own. Whoohoo! Albeit the bruises and cuts I was nursing days after, it was an experience worth having!

How to get there and other deets: