Hello! How ya' doin?

Hello! I haven't been updating you guys with what's been happening lately! But I have pending posts on Taiwan and our recent hiking experience to Mt. Nagpatong Rock Formations in Rizal... and then it's off to Baguio for me for the weekend!

I'll post more on those in the next few weeks! In the mean time, here a few Taiwan photos as a teaser! Yehessss.... Miss nyo na ba mga travel posts ko? hehe!

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Park... that's not the memorial though... 

  2 hours turned 6 hours to get here! Behind us are the Chinese characters of the name of the place -- Sun Moon Lake.

See the rainbow? My love for falls just doubled with this beauty!

Tireeed na us! So this is us chillin' at the Daan Park... We needed all the energy we could muster for the Elephant Mountain trail... 

Soooo... stand up straight? Mukhang sundalo lang! hahaha! 

More posts soon!