A Look at Hints

It was at a funeral, no less, when we shared our love for writing and drawing. Mine was the former, hers was the latter.

Her talent is apparent in her beautiful watercolor works and her amazing sketches so I had this crazy idea to ask her to illustrate this poem that I wrote.

So I gave her the poem and asked her for a picture that God will impress on her with the words that I had strewn together.

Since she moves in the prophetic gift, I knew that God will give her a picture that will minister to many just by looking at her sketch.

About a week after, she handed me her work... it was on a piece of paper inserted between the pages of a magazine and it was a sketch of a ballerina... and well, this is her side of the story:

Arts has its own unique way of expression that can never be explained by a formula or logic. Just like beauty, joy, passion, or sunsets. I was asking help from God on what picture to match your poem. I'm just scared to strip this poem of what it is really saying. And then a picture of a ballet dancer was impressed in my heart. 
That was my jump-off point. I was thinking of several dance movements (like a Degas-signature artwork) that would capture your words and I came across a photo of a lone ballerina in that pose with arched back with her head and hands thrown without any limits. And i thought this pretty much shows how one can throw all of herself in what she is doing, be it a dance or other things simply because she knows she's complete. I am guessing one can never dance as passionate as that dancer if she does not know how much loved she is. 

So there you have it! Thanks so much Donna for collaborating with me! Here's the link to the illustrated poem, enjoy!