What to Wear on a Hike (from a feeling-pro)

Aside from slathering ourselves with a good amount of sunblock (evenly please, which I keep forgetting for my past 2 climbs waaaah) and bringing x liters of water, wearing the right gear is important if you're going on a hike soon.

Here's a quick checklist for a sunny climb like Mt. Talamitam or Mt Batulao:

Dri-fit tops and pants, sunglasses, cap, hiking bag, hiking shoes, non-slip socks & sports bra

For really cool climb like Mt. Pulag, layering is key and your clothes have to be as close to the skin as possible to avoid becoming Mrs. Freeze:

Sports bra, Heat-tech tops and pants,leggings, jacket, gloves, bonnet and scarf

Here are a few suggested pieces for you, I have listed down both splurge and save options to fit your budget.

SAVE: Bench sports bra, Php 329

SPLURGE: Nike Sports bra, Php 1895

SAVE: Sandugo Sandals, Php 675

SPLURGE: Merrell Moab Edge Waterproof, Php 4995


SAVE: Racini Mountaineering Backpack Php 1300

SPLURGE: Deuter bag, Php 5490


SAVE: Hype MNL Cap, Php 349

SPLURGE: Adidas Originals Cap, Php 1195

SAVE: Women's Sport Pants, Php 619

SPLURGE: Under armour Heat gear pants, Php 1733

There you have it! Just click on the photos if you want to check out any of the items above. Happy prepping and climbing!

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