Small Doses of Something Big

Who knew I would be taking cue from Emma Watson and the Harris brothers? Emma Watson with her #bookfairiesworldwide advocacy and her The Press Tour project wherein the former makes her hide books in the nooks and crannies in the world with the hopes that someone will find that book and it would speak to that person. 

The latter, wherein everything that she wears in public is made of sustainable materials. And I just remembered thinking, with the many things under her belt, she still has time to put together such project to check every single accessory passes the 8 values to officially coin it as sustainable?

While conducting interviews in Los Angeles, Watson went back to Oscar de la Renta, rocking a bespoke white dress with a vintage zipper that "was created in @oscardelarenta's New York atelier, featuring hand embroidery on silk taffeta and a silk faille bow, both made in the Italian mill @taronisilk," she writes. "The mill specialises in the highest quality couture fabrics, and is committed to reducing its environmental impact, including investing in solar energy and committing to removing all toxic chemicals from its supply chain by 2020."(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Enters the Harris brothers -- who not only wrote the book "Do Hard Things" but also live and breathe it. Two teenagers who did their internship in the Alabama Supreme Court when they were 16, who spoke to millions of people worldwide with their Rebelution advocacy, and who has created a platform to help teenagers around the world as we speak. 

Wow, anong ginagawa ko nung 16 ako? Ermm... Definitely not even 1/8th of what they were doing. Lol!

Watson and the Harris' must feel so passionately about these projects, that's why they have taken it upon themselves to do harder things to promote what they believe in.

So I realize, why not do something that I truly believe in and something that I truly enjoy -- which is my faith and writing. It does not really have to be something major, but it can be small doses of something done consistently that hopefully snowballs into something bigger collectively.

So with that, I'll be sharing 2 short devotionals every first and 2nd Fridays of the month which hopefully encourages you wherever you are in the faith, even if you are not in the faith, feel free to join in the dialogue. :) I''d love to hear your thoughts!

Every devo will have:
  • Summary of the Story
  • Points to Highlight
  • Application to Do

A quick look for the year: 
  • July - Joseph
  • August - Jesus
  • Sept - Esther
  • Oct - Paul
  • Nov - Peter
  • Dec - Mary

There! As a teaser, check back again next Friday for a look at Psalm 23 -- the most gasgas but never-gets-old Psalm which would set the tone for the rest of the devotionals that I'll be sharing :)

Here's to wishing you copious amounts of courage and wisdom to pursue something that you are intensely passionate about!

Here's a quick question for you: What's the one thing you have always felt like you had to do or you wanted to do but never got around to doing? Maybe because you are daunted by the idea of how big or how much work it entails? Or because more practical matters keep getting in the way that it keeps getting relegated to the wayside?