Watch Faves: The Ming Thing

If there's Wong Fu Production, then there's The Ming Thing. It sounds like a meme for something but Ming is actually the name of the Malaysian brothers who founded the production -- Ming Han and Ming Yue. :)

Ming Han: 
Along my thesis year in my degree (my final year), I randomly decided to vlog about the horrible carpark situation in my university at that time. That required me to start a YouTube channel that I randomly named “dmingthing” because it rhymed with my name and “themingthing” was taken, so I had to use “d” instead. 
Amazingly, my first vlog did amazingly well. I had a few thousand views overnight for a totally new channel (which was very very surprising). I tried a two more vlogs and it was at that time I got contacted separately by two different people, Raffi and Bryan. They were both pretty good videographers and both offered to try making videos with me.  
The rest was pretty much history.

I've only seen a few videos of theirs and it's good that they create stuff that are both entertaining and meaningful like this one.

I remembered a friend of mine shared to me that one of the reasons his ex broke up with him was because he doesn't post so much of them online. So this video poses the question how much does one really need to share in social media? And how much do we actually share is real?  :)

Enjoy watching!