"Do you get paid?"

One of the questions I get asked most often in working in full time ministry is: "Do you get paid?"

The person who asked me recently works in the insurance industry and is raking in millions a year so it's not surprising that was her top-of-mind query.

I am not sure if I should be offended but I just remembered  smiling and answering "yes, it's actually a lot like a company."

And it really is, guys!

I am not sure what goes on in their minds after that but another question we get asked too often is "When is your off?" -- knowing full well that church is in full swing during weekends.

...which was one of the things I had to consider before going in full time-- bidding goodbye to my weekends and holidays. Gusto mo yung big deal talaga to sakin? Hehe! Because who will be up to file a leave and fly off somewhere with me during weekdays, right?

My parents also know how I like to go out and travel so they made sure they posed this question when I told them the idea of working in the ministry. Yes, we do have our offs. Mondays are Sabbath for most church workers, plus another day within the week -- in my case, it's Friday.

So yes guys, we do get paid, and we have 2 days off a week. :)

There are of course sacrifices, and while I do miss my weekends and my sales commissions at times (let's be honest! lol!), there are a lot more that we gain in working full time.

I hope I also speak to those who serve full time because I have to admit, it really gets tiring but God has affirmed my calling in this season and I'd like to share the full time worker's benefits (hindi mo to makikita sa labor code, bes):

1. Endless impartation
One of the best things we get in working in the ministry is being part of a spiritual community that continues to speak life and blessing upon us. I imagine that these people are walls around me, helping me safeguard what Jesus already attained for me on the cross.

Our monthly Metro Manila Staff Meeting where we get impartation from the church leaders

Just last week, 3 pastors imparted to our group about leadership, calling and effective ministry. Calling seems to be the theme for me this month. So Lord, mukhang may sinasabi ka sakin noh? :P Hearing these people speak not only expands your perspective but it really gives you the push and the energy to continue what God has called you to do.

2. Getting Front Row Seats to What God is Doing
Being in the ministry is like getting the best seats in the house to see what God is doing in the church. You see what goes on behind the scenes and you see how people are being changed by the gospel.

There are definitely teary-eyed moments just for me recently -- when I see kids raising their hands in worship to God, when I am not even sure if they are listening but then they say something that hits the spot, apparently they understood it more than they let on.

When they hug you, tickle you and invite you to their house so you can hang out. There was even this one kid who walked me all the way to the jeepney terminal -- she said it was her way of saying thank you because I treated her sinigang. May paghatid! These kids understand love, service and grace. And I see that when I serve them in the ministry.

3. Working with People with the Same purpose and Values
If you worked in the corporate, I am sure most of you have stories of fellow employees and bosses that you wish worked anywhere else but your company. Lol! And while our team consists of people of different personalities, at the end of the day, we agree to honor God and make disciples. And that gets us back on track. It's so much easier and fun to work with with people with the same roots and who are headed in the same direction.

Thankful talaga ako sakanila!

Ravi Zacharias said this in his book, The Grand Weaver, "attaining pursuit and finding fulfillment are not necessarily the same thing", but I say that when you serve in the ministry, it is actually one and the same.

So "do we get paid?" Yes, and so much more.

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