We Survived Cancer

Yes! That's right, after a year of hospitals, sitting in clinics, going through chemotherapy... my dad is cleared of cancer!

We were declaring God to be cancer-free after his last chemo session last year but the doctor detected something in his lungs last December. And we have to wait 3 more months to find out what exactly is that in his lungs because it was too small to find out at that time.

And I remember sitting there in the clinic, devastated as his oncologist says words that I was hoping not to hear any more -- ct scan, medicines, and possible chemotherapy are in the horizon once again.

It was as if things were on repeat and the doctor seemed to be right -- we are in this for the long haul.

But during Teachers Summit last February, as the pastor asked people to raise their hands those who were believing for healing of their loved ones -- God revealed the unbelief and doubt in my heart and I heard God challenge me to believe that He will heal my dad despite of what the doctors will say.

He wanted me to believe in Him once again -- with renewed hope and confidence.

So I did -- I rested and believed in the fact that He can make it happen and He is the Ultimate Healer.

And 3 months after, I sent dad's medical results to my sister and she said that it seems that daddy is cancer free but that we need to wait for his oncologist's reading on Saturday. So after happy gifs and celebratory stickers sent via FB messenger, we were super ecstatic and rejoicing that God has already healed my dad!

Saturday came and well we all know that oncologists don't say things like "He is cleared! He is cancer-free" --- what He did say though was that the next months would be monitoring and my dad just has to take his meds to help the cancer from coming back again. In our lingo, this means he is cleared!!!

What does this mean? Except that God is faithful even though we are not at times.

So thank You Jesus for rebuking my sometimes-unbelieving heart and for reminding us of your faithfulness!

Thank you also to everyone who prayed for him and with us! Wheeeee!