Twin Hike: Mt. Talamitam & Mt. Apayang

The mountains were beckoning -- so we planned a hiking trip to Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu Batangas.

I almost didn't make it on this trip -- because I have been coughing like crazy days before. But good thing both my democratic parents and my stubborn will were at work on the eve of the trip so I was able to go! Hooray!

We were all beginners so we were glad to take on the 3/10 difficulty level of the trail. When we arrived at the campsite however, the guide was happy to offer us an upgrade (nasa sales ka ba dati kuya?): Climb two mountains, instead of one, for the price of P500!

Are we up for it?
...and because we wanted to try something new in the name of adventure, it was a resounding "Game!"

Our schedule looked something like this:

3:00am Wake up and peel away our non-morning person bodies from the bed to change clothes and brush our teeth
3:20am Leave Manila in half-asleep state
3:30am Sing "Tale as old as time" in the car
4:00am Take out Brekky at Mcdo
5:00am Pray as waze takes us to a deadly route (feeling talaga namin nasa kawalan na kami haha! Because it was so dark and we couldn't see any signs of a road ahead)
5:20am Pray more.
5:30am Geez! Finally! We see the road! And there are people! Civilization!
5:40am Arrive at the campsite!
5:50am Start hike!

From Manila, the camp site is 2 1/2 to 3 hours away if you have your own car but it's also accessible via commute. More details on how to get there and the ideal itinerary are shown on the next post.

For now, let's fill this page with photos of the trip!

It was still quite dark when we started the hike but since it was almost 6am at that time, we were greeted by the sun. Good morning Philippines!

The great thing about doing this on a Monday is that we pretty much had the mountains to ourselves! The climb was not really very difficult but it was long so we entertained ourselves by giving names to the horses, carabaos and chickens we met along the way! Lol! #walaposilangkalabanlaban

The view on top of Mt. Talamitam!

We finished the hike at 12nn, but we had several stops to rest, take photos and we also dropped by the river to take a dip.

Yahoo! We did it! It was tiring but the view was amazing and to be in a wide expanse of God's beautiful creation is always worth the sweat and thousands of steps to get there.

Next post, I'll show you more photos on the detours we had and more details if you're planning a climbing trip to this place too!

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