Twin Hike: Deets and Detours

As promised, here are more photos of our hiking trip last month. Aside from the two mountains we were able to climb (lakas! Haha! ...Which were actually just beside each other :)), we also dropped by Layong Bato River wherein we washed our sweaty and muddy feet.

When you have been walking for miles, you don't know how refreshing it is the moment you dip your feet into the water. You just want to bring out soap and shampoo if only that were allowed. 

...and buko juice is love! We were asked to carry at least 1 liter of water, which is not enough if you suddenly decide to climb two mountains instead of one (we did not think this through, guys)... So grateful that they sell buko juice upon descending Mt. Apayang for our thirsty throats.

Haggardo much?

Balik-kabataan ang mga boys!

I think this one's George.

The Coconut-nut is not a nut... let's just get that thing straight.

Interested enough to plan a trip here soon? Here are some deets to get you started. This is for the Mt. Talamitam hike:

Sample Itinerary
0300 Meet up at DLTB Buendia to buy tickets to Nasugbu
0330 ETD to Nasugbu
0530 ETA Registration area at Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga (KM. 83)
0630 Start trek
0830 Arrival at summit
1030 Start descent or head to Layong Bato River
1200 Back at registration area, head to Tagaytay or Manila
1300 Lunch at Tagaytay
1430 Head back to Manila
1700 ETA Manila

How to get there via private car
Head to Tagaytay either via SLEX-ETON Greenfield -Sta. Rosa or via Cavite
Follow through the road to Batangas, until you reach KM. 83. Make a right turn at the small side street past the school and look for parking space (available; give a ‘tip’ to the locals after)

Logbook at Brgy. Aga (P20/person).

Guides Available: 
P300 per day.

At the base of the summit and at the summit itself

Water sources:
None in normal course of trail except near the trailhead so please bring at least 1L of water

Cellphone signal:
Present throughout the trail

Roped segments: None
Limatik: None
Lipa: None
Rattan: None

Hiking notes:
Caution when ascending

Side Trips:
Nasugbu or Tagaytay (optional)

Yes (1.5 - 2.5/3 hours to summit; 1 - 2 hours down)

Estimated budget
Php 600 - Php 900

What to bring
- at least 1L water
- trail food (biscuits)
- rain gears (just in case)
- sunscreen lotion (A MUST!)
- extra clothes (because RIVER!)

There you have it! I encourage you to do the twin hike because since you're already there, so might as well live it up, right?

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