There's your plan... then there's God's plan

Would you believe that we have almost reached the end of the first quarter? It sent me to a whoa-that-was-fast-mixed-with-a-semi-panic realization. So I thought of my faith goals for the year and how many of it have I checked already.

So far, I have checked... one! Haha! #atleast #hindinamasama My achi is now pregnant! Whoohooo!

As for all the other goals -- well, let's just say that God's plans are higher than our ways.

So as I peruse my Plans and Purposes workbook, which I jotted down 12 faith goals at the start of the year, from which I picked my top 3 goals to focus on for 2017 -- fast forward to March and this verse holds ever true -- many are the plans in a man's heart but it is the Lord's plans that prevail. (hello, run-on sentence!)

Solid example: One of my top 3 goals is to publish my own book. But just before we said goodbye to January, I felt that God was impressing something else in my heart to focus on, so the book goal had to take a backseat until further notice.

I've also been praying for someone that I am engaging and I was really hopeful at the start of the year that she will get deeper with God, but my attempts in trying to meet up with her has been faced with no replies #seenzone. Lol! So there's that.

There are things that have to be parked which we have to assess whether it's Gods will for us and there are things that we are sure are God's will but are just NOT YET.

But just as there are things that are NOT YET, there are also opportunities that are opening up that just makes me so amazed on how faithful God is.

My #6 faith goal reads: 2 international travels (Taiwan & Japan). While we already booked our Taiwan trip, the Japan trip is a little bit trickier so I'm not sure whether that's still happening. But get this, an opportunity to do ministry in another country opened up -- which just makes me so excited! Praying for favor and provision for that, but to be able to travel and minister to another nation just excites my heart to no end!

That's how amazing God is -- sometimes we don't even know it was our heart's desires until He leads us face to face to it -- and it's a thousand times better than what we have dreamed of.

So if you feel like, "Lord bakit parang walang nangyayari sa mga pinagdadasal ko?" or everything that I have been praying for is going the opposite direction -- take watch and know for certain that He is doing something.

I read this quote from Isa Garcia years back which kind of captures the sovereignty of God in our lives: When you feel like nothing is happening, everything is happening.

We may not see it right now, and we may never see it given our finite minds, but know for certain that God is doing something in and through our lives and we just have to trust. This verse has been on repeat for me lately and it just shows how God wants us to seek and ask Him of His plans for us. He is not a God that gives instructions and leaves us to it, because He is a personal and loving God, He invites us to a journey with Him:

Proverbs 3:5-65 Trust in the Lord with all your heart    and lean not on your own understanding;6 in all your ways submit to him,    and he will make your paths straight.

So let's enjoy the journey as we trust Him and seek His plans for our lives. :)