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Been so excited when I found out that Isa Garcia published her first book! I was a semi-stalker of her blog when she still had one and her words just resonate to you long after you read them because these are words filled with meaning, hope and truth.

Written as letters about God, friends, love and the hard parts of life -- the letters and the beautiful postcard inserts are meant to encourage and uplift, like the postcard below: 

Here are two of my favorite lines:

But the best love is the lamb-to-the-slaughter kind of love. It's the most vulnerable, the most real. It's the groom who waits as his bride throws profanities at his face. She charges towards him -- red hot rage running through her veins -- but he does not balk. He receives her with grace that is grand in its goodness. He holds her as she hits him; he says "I do," anyway.

Love is not the feeling that other people told us about.
Love is fierce and love is fearless. 
Love is not afraid to take risks. 
It does not count the cost. It holds no measuring stick against the infinite. 
It does not compromise. 
It is relentless and passionate and big.
 Love does not hesitate to give because love is not self-entitled. 
It does not stop to think about what it deserves because love lays down all its rights. 
It will concede to the possibility of getting trampled on. 
But even then, it will persist.

Letters on Life, Love and God by Isa Garcia is available for P555 in all OMF Literature and Passages bookshops nationwide, PCBS, National Bookstore branches, and online at
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