It's a bird...

There are days when I wake up and the first thing I do is compute. Excuse me, my math-hating self, lol! But the worrier in me finds herself whipping up a small notebook and she starts jotting down her expenses for the month as she tries to budget it accordingly.

Said girl found herself waiting for the elevator in her apartment one morning and as she waits, she looked up in the sky and she saw 3 birds flew by.

If there is one thing that arrests her, it's the beauty of nature -- one that speaks volume without doing anything. Nature says so much by just being there. It doesn't try so hard to be beautiful, it just is.

The view from the apartment -- seconds after the birds flew overhead.

And it was that moment that she realized how small her worries are compared to the magnitude of her God. Why spend all these time thinking of how to make ends meet, when her God supplies the trees its light and water for the day? When the birds of the air are fed and find shelter from the rain?

I remember hearing this statement before: Don't use up tomorrow's grace for today. So it was through that moment that I was reminded to rely on God day-by-day. Don't overthink and don't overplan your life.

My friends and I love to travel and somewhere along the way, I told them that as much as I want to go to this place and this place, I wasn't quite sure I could afford to go anymore. I also started making little changes in my spending so I could start saving and be able to contribute to my dad's treatments. And while there's a line that draw being wise and being a good steward of what is given you, sometimes I end up putting a certainty to things that my great God can make possible. And it's during these moments that I can almost hear God whisper, "ye of little faith."

My dad is still on chemo medicines, and it was during his visit at the clinic right after his 6th chemo cycle that we were believing that he would be declared cancer-free. But they found something in his lungs and we have to wait for 3 months before we can find out what it is... so this period of waiting has planted doubts, worries and uncertainties in our minds... But God is saying "Who says I cannot make THAT possible?" "Who says you have to stop believing and praying about it just because you encountered a few setbacks?"

So it is during this season that I am reminded to depend on Him day to day, to not worry because He is sovereign and powerful enough to declare my dad cancer-free. He can double, triple, multiply our savings 10x because He can do anything because He is a great God.

To say that I am grateful for those 3 birds would be understatement -- a few seconds was all it took to refocus my attention to who my God is. :) So these days, I try to be more relaxed, at ease and to take things one day at a time.

Thank you to everyone who is continually praying for us! 2nd month into the year, and our God is telling us to "stretch those faith muscles and persevere in our prayers."