Your 2016 Code Name

How would you name 2016? Which is the same way as asking how was 2016 like for you -- just more difficult because you're allowed with less words.

Hmm.. So nice to meet you, my 2016 name is: ProviTy, short for Provision and Opportunity (andami kong alam!)

In my previous posts, I shared about my dad and how he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer earlier this year. After almost a month in the hospital & 6 chemo cycles, I learned that (1) hospital food is not so bad #sothoughtprovokingeh (2) God allows certain things to happen to accomplish His glory (in detailed here and here) (3) and that God provides -- ever so lavishly and abundantly.

My dad finished 6 chemo cycles and I am typing this as he irons our clothes behind me -- he didn't get bald, aside from the occasional nausea and numbness of joints -- he is up and about his usual self, being productive around the house and even going out every day at lunchtime to run a few errands in Alimall & SM.

First time in a long time that my dad attended church after he was diagnosed with cancer.

So after months of chemo, he was supposedly  to be scheduled for PET scan late this year. This year has really stretched our savings so we were praying for a PCSO grant to help us with the PET scan expenses (really not cheap, I tell you), and lo and behold, we were granted an amount that covered 70% of its costs. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Looking back, as I computed for our expenses this year, our spending was close to 1M already and we are debt-free! Hooray to that! It wasn't that we had that much money, but we had been the recipient of much blessings from people whom God had touched to help us and even institutions that granted us financial aid all throughout the year.

Thank you Lord that we were able to not only cover all expenses but we even had enough to dine out my parents for special occasions and to give gifts and bless other people.

 I was even able to go to Bangkok this year and be part of the 10 days team that was sent out to Vietnam.

When God provides, He does so with so much love that we need not worry that we will go hungry or will be in lack.

He not only provides money, but even time and opportunities. I am super grateful to be part of the 10 days Hanoi team. It has expanded my perspective and grew a deep well in me to minister to the lost --not just in our nation but around the world.

Just after our outreach in one of the schools in Vietnam #besttendaysteamever

Being part of an amazing team has reminded me that if God sent you, He will equip you. Just do it when the Spirit of the Lord tells you to do it because it will be His words that you will be speaking and it will be through His power that you will move.

It was also this year that I finally led my own Victory group, a prayer that has been uttered by yours truly for years now. After many starts and stops, so thankful to God to be able to witness the lives of 6 women that have been walking in faith with me since the start of this year.

God has truly given and provided much to me and family this year and an endless thanks is but appropriate for His grace. Kaya ProviTy (kelangan talaga iemphasize!)

How about you? What's your 2016 name? :)