Toi La, Joy!

Here's the part 2 of the Hanoi series! Hoping you will be blessed!

Sept 28

So many things have been happening here… a couple of days ago, the team had their Victory Weekend. There were 5 participants which was a stark contrast from the usual 80+ people we used to have in Manila, and yet it was not so much about the number  that made it a different kind of experience but the heart and hunger of these 5 people for God!

We teared up more than once as we pray and minister to them…there was even one point when we cried first before the participants! Nauna pa tlga kaming umiyak! Haha! But we were so touched because we felt God’s heart for the people here… It reminds you of that first encounter you had with Jesus!

There is no such thing as language barrier when the Spirit of God moves… When God reveals Himself to His people, He penetrates and goes straight to their hearts and minds.

There are more than a few times when we are amazed on just how the leaders understood the gospel. That was one of our worries, the language barrier… how do we explain grace, faith and power to them? How do we say and translate these intangible things to them without watering down what it means?

But when God equips us, He equips us with power.

When the Spirit of God moves, the gospel is unstoppable.

Just open your mouth and let the words flow, just lay your hands on them and let the Spirit of God do its work. It’s not about our adequacy, fluency and skills that will transform people. It will be because of Jesus and His all-powerful nature.

Thank you Jesus because it is with your might and power that these things are happening in Hanoi.