Punching our way to Fitness

For the past few weeks, Gia and I have been going home with aching shoulders and bruised legs because we have been attending -- get this -- Muay Thai classes. 

Whoa! Yes, I know. The girly-girl in me is totally bewildered by the idea. But that's why I have decided to do it all the more. The idea of being completely helpless when the bad guys (bad guys talaga, sige na nga, guys with bad intentions) choose to steal my purse or hold me at gunpoint scares me more. I mean yes, you got to choose your battles and one's life is more important than her purse or her cellphone... but I want to know that I can at least defend myself when such unfortunate circumstances arise. 

So that's what we have been doing lately and it was so much fun! There are moments when I just scream silently in my head, panting for dear life... and other times, I not-too-silently tell my coach "wait lang, eto na!" especially when he is asking me to do 30 crunches straight (ab work out will be the death of me) but that's when you have to push yourself farther.

There are so many options now to be fit and healthy... There's circuit (for the busybodies), spinning classes (really expensive stuff, whyyyy), dance classes, gym and tons of different sports. 

So if you want to try boxing, Muay Thai. Jiu Jitsu, or MMA, here a few places worth checking out:

Fist Gym
Suite 301, Gil-Preciosa Bldg. 2
75 Timog Ave., Quezon City
(02) 907 2609


Fight Factory

4th floor, Barrington Place, Congressional Avenue
3rd Floor #109 V.Luna Ext. Sikatuna Village, QC
0916 216 9880

Before, my office mates used to tell me, "sige ikaw pag nagkaanak ka na..." well, I am still yet to have a baby, and here I am, already sporting a bulging tummy. I can now attest to my office mates well-meaning warnings. It's true guyyyys.