Finding your Rhythm

It's already August! Time really flies!

We're more than halfway through 2016 and our days have been packed for the past month in the ministry. There were several times when I had to push back or altogether cancel my plans with friends because something always seems to come up. This is what happens when adult-ing run in with childhood. Haha! I'd like to stress though that it's fine to be a kid from time to fine and we should never lose that balance between work and fun.

Balancing work and fun can be another term for setting a rhythm in our lives.

At church, we were taught that there's a certain rhythm to the things that we do. Rhythm is like a pattern, a trend in the things that we choose to do in a period of time. But in order for a rhythm to work for us, it has to be purposeful and it has to be clear to us and to the team that we are part of.
At Kids Ministry, summer is always our busiest as we hold camps and activities for the kids, then the second half of the year is focused on training the volunteers.

Smores are serious stuff, guys. #Bootcamp2016

Inserted between these high and busy months are what we call the "fun" months and August is one of our fuuuun months. Whoohooooo!

Fun doesn't mean just chilling and relaxing, but it's spending time with people who matter most and investing time to equip ourselves so we can be better at what God needs us to do. So there's staff equipping this week, then kids ministry outing by the end of the month.

Finding your rhythm isn't just confined to working with teams, but this also applies in setting your personal rhythm for the year. While it's best to do this before the year starts, it's not too late to set your rhythm for the remaining months of 2016. Here are a few tips that may help you:

1. Ask, "what are the things God is calling me to do this year?"
There are many things that we can do, but we aren't called to do everything . So asking God what specific things He wants us to do will bring clarity and purpose on how we make use of our time.

So ask God and seek Him first. Maybe it's that short term missions trip or maybe it's reaching out to your office mates or finally reading the Bible from cover to cover. Whatever these may be, set your personal rhythm with these in mind.

2. Plan ahead
Look at your calendar from August to December and start setting months focused on the things you answered above.

These are mine: Missions (10 Days trip to Hanoi) and discipleship (raise up an intern in the discipleship group I am leading).

With these things in mind, September and early October are focused on missions then the last quarter of the year will be focused  on discipleship. Although these 2 are happening simultaneously with each other, setting a certain rhythm allows me to focus on these 2 things and help me be more watchful to see how God will move in these areas.

Juggling so many things at once could be tiring and unfruitful... and we don't want to miss Jesus along the way. When we have been too focused on keeping all balls on the air, we might not see the miracles He is already doing in our lives.

With the lovely girls during one of our Victory Groups

3. Commit to your Rhythm
Setting a rhythm also helps us be more committed to what God is calling us to do. This means that we have to say yes to things that will help us get closer to His calling and say no to other things as well.

A few months ago, I was asked if I wanted to lead a youth group and I answered with "not yet" because I just started leading a group of young professionals at that time and I was already preparing for the missions trip.

Wacky-ing in one of our training for 10 Days

So finding our rhythm helps us stay aligned and focused. Don't feel guilty if you have to say no certain things and with conviction, say yes to things God wants you to do.

4. Lift your Rhythm to God
From discovering your rhythm, to following through your rhythm, always depend and seek God above all else. Be open to what He will be asking you to do along the way and always rely on Him to supply the strength, discipline and endurance needed for you to carry out your rhythm :)

Psalm 25:4-5
Make me know Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.