Watch Faves: DOTS

My nose was running as I wipe tears from my eyes. Slumped on the bed, with a pillow under my chin, I was watching the last few episodes of Descendants of the Sun.

Kala mo seryoso noh. Haha!

My friends have been telling me to watch it for weeks, so I finally heeded and true enough, I was hooked! Aside from the adorable characters (I love Full House so I was already a bit biased because Song Hye-Kyo also played the lead here), the story line was able to capture political and social issues.

It was like a movie, stretched into 16 episodes, packed with action scenes, shot in different filming sites in Korea and Greece. So it isn't the usual Koreanovela. They made this one really big, with the bad guys, guns, exploding coal mines and rescue helicopters.

GMA will be showing it soon, but if you want to watch it with the subtitles like me, then you can watch it here...

Here's the teaser:

Aside from DOTS, other equally addicting Asianovelas are: Hana Yori Dango (Japanese Meteor Garden), Absolute Boyfriend and Full House. Happy watching! Be sure to have those Kleenex within reach!

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