Imagine the era before this?

I have a confession to make: I sometimes read my entries in my old blog to be encouraged, inspired... and push myself to write like before... because I don't feel like I'm writing like I used to.

Hmm... I am not going to be melancholic about the whole thing, but truth be told, parang mas may sense ako magsulat dati! Haha!

Now, I am not blaming anyone else but myself on this because my mind has been all over the place lately. I am just not THAT reflective anymore, which brings us to the fact that this whole multi-tasking bug kept biting me time and again... that instead of focusing on one single task, so many things kept popping up as I do one task. Do you experience that?

Geeez... this is all on me of course. It's not like Facebook has forced me to keep scrolling my news feed for hours, and my browser held me at gunpoint if I don't have at least 5 tabs running. (PS. I have 9 tabs open now)

With so many things happening, so many options open before us, there is now the harder part of exercising our free will by making the right decisions.

Imagine before, the internet was so slow and expensive, that you really didn't have any choice but to read and study one page at a time for your research paper. You are left to prioritize the more important things because your internet load might run out any minute. Remember that era? :) We used to buy p100 prepaid internet load which was only like an hour worth of surfing! And instead of clicking one link to the next like nowadays -- just because you can-- you are left with your own thoughts as you wait for the page to load.

Your phone is also just for texting and calling your mom, dad and a few friends... Now you can do EVERYTHING with your phone.

I remember an article I read in college -- wherein it tried to weigh convergent vs divergent devices. Convergent devices may make things more convenient but divergent devices, is the way to go if you want effectiveness and productivity in this life.

Do you agree?

All I am saying is, now that we live in a digital era, we have to be more conscious of what we do with our time. So many options would mean we have to weigh which matters the most to us in a given day... So yup, the call to prioritize the truly important things and take in the things happening to our lives is greater these days.

So this is my assignment for the week:
- Focus on one thing at a time in the ministry
- Plan my day the day before
- Check my social media apps max of 1 hour a day (Gasp!!! God, help meeee!)
- Spend more time talking to people than typing short messages with emojis
- Read and walk more (of course not at the same time)

Let's see what happens to me by the end of the week. :P Challenge accepted!