Yesterday at Kids Church, this one kid was asking for another round of biscuits during snack time... But to be fair to everyone, I said, "*insert name of kid here*, only one biscuit for each kid." This kid then started stomping his feet, pouting and even resorted to opening the cabinet of snacks behind my back... So I had to be stern about it and reiterated what I just said.

This went on for about 10 minutes, until one of the little girls went up to me and told me she didn't want to finish her biscuits anymore. Whew! Thank you God! A teaching moment right there: the act of giving, an opportunity of gratitude and the importance of obedience. So I gave the biscuit to the kid who was in a biscuit battle with me... and asked him to say thank you to the little girl who gave hers.

He didn't say thank you, and when I thought he already had enough of biscuits for the rest of the afternoon, he went up to me again, repeating this 2-syllable word "BIS-CUIT".

Oh boy.

This was happening in the midst of the rest of the class' squeals, shouting and running which was like the longest 30 minutes of my life. Lol! It's funny now while I type, but it was such a stretch of patience and endurance for me yesterday.

I haven't been with the kids on their usual Sunday services for awhile since I became a full time staff so I am not sure whether the kids have really upped their uncontrollably-happy ante or I just haven't taught that long that I have forgotten what it was like.

Let me just put this out there though: I LOVE KIDS. I LOVE WHAT I DO.

But despite this love for what I do, it still requires effort and time to cultivate this love. John Piper said that love is more than a choice or decision. It doesn't just end with the decision to love, and that's all there is to it. He said that if love was a decision, then it is not yet what it ought to be.

God's love for us is more than a decision, same when we were commanded to love God and others -- loving God meant loving Him with all our hearts, soul and mind. Loving others means loving them with brotherly affection, compassion, patience, with no resentment, envy... and the list goes on.

Sounds hard, doesn't it? and it IS difficult and challenging, as I relearned yesterday... yet He has given us all the grace to make it possible -- to love others as He loved us.

PS. So what happened to the kid? Well, he ended up getting one of the kids' biscuits, which I told him to return to the table... He then threw the biscuit on the floor and started taking several swings at me. Such is the reality of life! :P So next time, when life give you biscuits, make it an opportunity to love just as Jesus loved us.

PS Part 2. Am I overthinking the biscuit? Lol! I woke up way too early today and I was asking God why! Because I am not a morning person (hello cup of coffee beside me!), I asked Him if He wanted me to pray or intercede for certain people... or is there something He wanted me to do?

Maybe this is it. And with that... good morning everyone! :)