Favorite Local Bloggers

When scrolling and light reading is your game, these ladies may just be what you are looking for. Here are my four favorite local bloggers... *drumroll cue*

1. Sab Magalona
I like how Sab's posts are so real and candid. Hindi talaga siya best foot forward! She says what she means and she means what she says. Ranging from her band and radio jock adventures to her just-got-hitched experiences, you'll find yourself nodding in agreement and being amused with her posts.

2. Kryz Uy
Kryz has a beauty and fashion blog so she shares OOTD tips as well as simple beauty tricks that Filipinas would find helpful. She is this Chinese petite Cebuana, that whatever she wears, as in WHATEVER, looks good on her! She also posts cute videos of her and Slater Young, (her boyfriend) and what results is a fun, makulit and happy tandem that ups the fresh vibe of her blog.

3. Kim Jones
A woman of few words but with distinct class and elegance. Those last words sound like a foreign fragrance brand and rightly so, because this woman is Australian (she has the cutest accent) and her fashion posts range from numbers from Dion, Esprit and Chanel. So fragrance brands talaga ito! Odiba! Edi ikaw na! haha! :D

4. Patty Laurel
This girl is so down-to-earth. More than just scrolling and browsing her posts, I love reading her thoughts on faith and life. She is one of those people na #feelingfriend mo. She doesn't know me and I have never even met her, but I was happy for her when she got married and found out she was pregnant, and I felt for her when she shares about her struggle in breastfeeding etc. What's great is her love for God through it all which makes her posts all the more inspiring. Go girl! 

So there, happy reading and being feeling friends with these ladies! Photos above are direct links to their sites :)