Hospital Series

My dad has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer... We've been praying and claiming healing and God is still good. There are just sad moments, well I'm not the kind of person to bawl out and be crying every waking hour but last night, as we were taking in what was happening and what needs to be done, that wave of realization and sadness just hit me.

Sometimes it's when I look at my dad on the hospital bed, that it hits me... remembering just how 2 weeks ago, he was doing his usual bouts at home, making sure everything is well taken care of. That's just how it is. Sometimes it happens at home, like last night when my sister and I saw 2 teeny cockroaches at home and my sister said "ano bang mali sa ginagawa ko? Dumadami sila ngayon... Nagmop naman ako kanina..." and we were trying to remember how my dad did things. We have greater appreciation on his OC-ness and tidiness. So those are a few moments when it hit me.

We're not sure what comes next after this. Well, chemo comes next... but when someone has cancer, it's not really something you can plan out. So we're all just figuring this out as they come.

Hopefully my dad will be discharged today, then we're entrusting God for helping us see and decide one thing at a time from there.

The great thing about all these is that we are in this as a family and we've been laying hands and praying for my dad every day.

The things that really matter is still intack. Praise God. He is good, faithful and we know that He is the Great Healer. He is sovereign, He knows what He is doing.

Do keep us in your prayers. :) Thank you to everyone who has been praying!