Random Updates

Staycation is my game (or lack thereof) for the holy week and maybe this is a sign of aging but I'm actually looking forward to rest more and more these past few years... I can see you nodding your head that this is in fact a sign of aging. Oh noooo!

Just a few random updates :)
  • Summer season is beckoning so our April and May calendar is jampacked in church! This season is really a time of stretching, I need the Holy Spirit to empower me with supernatural power, strength, wisdom and just moment-by-moment dependence on Him. Would appreciate your prayers for us and the team. Thank you! 
  • Just a quick customer service feedback: We went to appease our craving for laksa yesterday in one of the restaurants in Banawe and one of the waitresses there was kind of rude (I won't mention the name of the place)...  She approached our table and told us to hush it down... then she was throwing us deadly stares from across the room whenever we would laugh. I mean it's not a fine dining restaurant, for crying out loud! It's a casual restaurant in Banawe... And we were a group of 11 people so understandably, our noise level would be a notch higher than the next. I tried looking for their FB page just so I can message them regarding our feedback but they don't have one... So we just hope that you treat your customers better next time :(

  • I have a few trips booked for the last quarter of the year and so I am behaving myself in the next few months... Whooohoooo! Excited na ko! Can't wait to travel once again!

  • Yes, this is a as random as it gets. :P

More updates coming your way soon! :) I'll be posting more frequently now :)