Eat Street (2/2)

Here are our other eats during the event... Yes, there's more!

While Crisp on 28th Crisp Street was there offering grilled corn and burritos, Pink Panda was there to represent Asian Cuisine and Bait's was there with their sliders.

Ta-daan! Mini burgers of Bait's

Pink Panda's wings are pretty good, heavy breading aside, the soy sesame flavor is distinctly Asian and different from the crunchy Korean chicken we have been accustomed to here in the country.

How beautiful are these bao buns? These guys from BAO.MNL are offering a variety of bao buns that will suit your taste buds whether you're a meatlover or a veggie eater with their roasted pork belly, ebi+kani and tofu katsu baos:

Of course, let's not forget the sweet tooth in the house:

Japanese cotton cheesecake by Streetside Bakers is a great way to cap off a savory meal or even to be given as a sweet gift because they also sell these in boxes of 5.

They have red velvet, classic, triple chocolate fudge and honey calamansi flavors.

So many things are happening inside a cannoli, they have a tarp to let you in on what's inside. lol! It was my first time to try one and if you're not that much of a sweet tooth and a fan of pistachios, I'd say you'd like this dessert by Cannoli & Co...

... and what better way to beat the summer heat but with a Strawberry nutella Ice Pops? They have other flavors to boast of and I suggest you to eat this fairly quickly though because I am not sure if it was the weather, but ours were dripping in seconds... But it was definitely a nice and sweet way to end everything we have popped into our mouths by that time, and we have eaten A LOT. Haha!

So there you have it, guys! Thankful to be part of this event. What's great about a street laden with treats left and right is the variety of taste you get to try in just a couple of steps... Great job everyone! Looking forward to the next one! ;)