Eat Street (1/2)

Just as the name implies, Eat Street is a stretch of gustatory delights that range from the streetfood crunchy belly to  the Italian classic cannoli (no this is not the pasta we eat at Amici, which was my initial thought! :P).

Bettina was gracious enough to tag me along to this event 2 Fridays ago and what ensued was a cycle of eating, sitting and taking photos of the food and the scene.

I must say that it was a new experience going to Makati with a different goal in mind. Instead of the usual work day routine (2 of my previous jobs were just walking distance from this street), my mind was racing with the food I cannot wait to get my hands on that day.

Here are my favorites:

Pepi Cubano
One second it was the usual bun sandwich, the next they hand you a flattened bread with juicy meat inside. What doesn't looked like much at first turned out to be one of our favorites! These Cubanos are flavorful and filling. You just want to keep eating and eating. no wonder they are already doing deliveries around the Metro to satisfy the Pepi Cubano cravings of their now growing following. 

Serbesa Manila

We have a thing for friendly crews and the team of Serbesa Manila doesn't only know how to greet you with a sweet smile, but they will also take you a little further into what they are selling.

Aside from the beer selection which these guys are known for, they also have pica-picas to boot. 

Habanero and lime kamote fries with pico de gallo and raita

My heart goes pitty pat whenever kare-kare is around, so top this off with alamang  and you've got yourselves a winner, ladies and gentlemen. I can't wait to try their dinakdakan, which is also a great partner of hot piping rice. Pinoy flavors with a twist, check!

Dinakdakan, & Kare kareng bagnet

When I asked what is their specialty, the girl behind the counter said "lahat (all)"... and I must say that this is one of the best inasalan I have tasted... The secret is in the marinate, I bet, because even without the soy sauce and pepper, it's already tasty as it is! This is making my mouth water just writing this down. lol!

Crunchy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen
I want a kilo of this to-go please. These are like extra crunchy bacon that you just want to keep popping into your mouth all day long. Scary for your body yet delicious in your tummy.

Were those photos enough to make your mouth water? More yummy photos on the next post! :) Thanks to the organizers of Eat Street for making this happen! :)