Summit 2016: Heart of a Teacher

We just got back from Teachers Summit last Saturday and it was a great experience. I went as a full-time staff this time (so much happened in a year's time! Last year, I came as a participant.). And yes, while  I saw it through different lens, I recognize the same hunger in me to join and listen in on the discussions.

We learned so many things from the speakers! Bishop Manny Carlos, Pastor Paolo Punzalan and Pastor Jojo Henson were there! I missed Pastor Joey Bonifacio's session though but I'm glad that I got to join for the most part of the sessions.

Despite that crazy photo above, we really are serious in reaching out to the next generation.
Hiiiiiiii from Greenhills team! 

So what did we learn? Here are the highlights for me and the Greenhills participants:

1. Psalm 8:2 - about the enemy being silenced... That we are not just raising kids, but we are actually building a weapon against the enemy. Because as we reach out to them and they learn to praise God, the enemy is actually silenced, and that for us to change the nation, we have to reach out and raise the next generation. We are part of a change -- more than wars, presidents, and even revolutions can do. - Chris

2. The topic of conflict resolution prepared me on what to do on Monday at work. Another highlight for me was when Bishop Manny said that when the kids worship, God will silence the enemies. - Mich

3. I joined music ministry because I like to worship and sing. When you lead kids to worship, I learn that you silence the enemies. Raising a generation of worshipers will change the nation. - Lyle

4.(I learned) the difference between reacting and responding so we have to find out what happened to the kids first before reacting, and that in order to resolve a conflict, we have to take a step back. - Pinky

5. I learned how to deal with different people. This summit was a breath of fresh air for me. When I'm here I really make sure that I maximize my time. - Jayme

6. (I learned) that we have to uphold the standard of the volunteers. - Anne

7. What I saw and learned with the kids admin is how they channel everything back to discipleship. - Noy
8. I became more involved through this summit. This expanded my network so I'm now looking forward to going to church kasi mas marami na kong kakilala. I was also reminded that I've never been fatherless, having grown up without a father since I was young. - Clarisse

9. As teachers, we have to be teachable -- we have to have a heart of teach-ability. (Another highlight) was being reminded that it's not so much our hearts for the next generation, but it's God's heart for them. We are not just babysitting the kids, we are raising the next generation for the nation. - Christian

10.  I learned the power of context and even though I am not yet a parent, I learned the different stages the kids go through and how the parents should raise their children. - Eryn

11. Kids ministry helped me out of my comfort zone. I learned about God's heart for the children. Don't just stop in being saved, it's a day to day to relationship with God. Never forget to have your quiet time. - Danica

12. The importance of casting the vision to the kids. At first I didn't raise my hand when they called for teachers who need to be refreshed kasi para sakin, okay naman ako. Pero naconvict ako na yung thinking na yun may mean na hindi ako okay. I also learned that a father's heart hopes and yearns for you. - Aaron

13. Our role as teachers is not simple - we are partnering with the parents to raise the next generation. At kids church, minsan nacchallenge ako pag hindi nila naiintidihan but then I heard through this summit na we have to pray for the kids to have wisdom and understanding. It's something that we can ask God for these kids. - Alvin

14. Being a teacher, you don't need to pretend. God qualifies us to be teachers. Don't copy anybody, just be yourself. Everytime I attend the summit, the fire in me keeps growing. Being a teacher at kids church is something that I want to do even years from now. - Mico

15. "A great teacher inspires." -- That to be a great teacher, you have to be a great follower. I was also moved when Bishop Manny said that Jesus is saying "you didn't choose Me, I chose you."  - Cyril

16. I am reminded on the importance of humility. Awhile ago, I was hesitant to raise my hands when they asked for those who had conflict management issues and those who need refreshing... but I am reminded that it's between me and God and this is a heart issue. - Joy

The last one was me speaking :)

Sometimes self-righteousness kicks in, especially as a full time staff. But months into the ministry and I realize all the more how much I need Jesus in my life. I guess when you work outside, you have this silly notion that you are doing alright as a Christian... because you're not always confronted on how unholy you are, but put yourself in a room of believers, at lumalabas talaga ugali ko. I see all the more my imperfections which humbles me. God really does have a sense of humor and He is in the business of changing us grace upon grace!

Blessed to be part of a team that desires to honor God and make kids disciple-makers!

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