Read Faves: Jim's Marriage Vow to Sab

How's this for a read fave tag? Haha! Well you read a marriage vow naman diba? :)

So here it is, one of the most beautiful marriage vows I have heard... and I don't even know these 2 personally. #medyostalker 

Belated Happy Valentines Day dear readers!

Dear Saab,

When I first saw you, met you, I was just so curious. I couldn’t pin down what type of girl you were. You were such a mystery. 

All I knew was that you were a bit annoying, masungit but definitely rare and special. 

Who knew this mystery would eventually be a major crush that led to some flirtation which then blossomed into a beautiful friendship?

Most people spend so much time looking for the prototypical perfect girl. But the truth is, there is no perfect girl, only a perfect friend. A best friend. That’s you. 

A friend who holds my hand and that in itself assures me that my weirdness and all my quirks can make an impact on the world. 

A friend whose imagination and brilliance inspires me to see the world beyond the confines of earth and sky.

A friend who makes me laugh and hold me when I feel the world turn against me. 

So thank you. Not just for being my best friend, but choosing to love me as much as you have. To go beyond your comfort zone and giving me all that you can give. Sabi ko nga, “iba talaga ang pag-ibig ng Magalona.” 

So I promise to never stop being your friend. 

To understand you and try my best even when you’re incomprehensible. 

To tell you when you’re wrong and admit when I have failed. 

I promise to never let go. To never leave. 

That you will never have to cry without me to cling on to. I promise to remember all the reasons why I fell in love with you especially on the days that we don’t like each other as much. 

I promise to give my best to you, as a provider, your bandmate, your best friend and as a father to our pretty and chubby musical geniuses. I promise that this will be our greatest adventure. From our sofa, to Saguijo, to Rome. To unexplored galactic territories, we will have the most fun in one lifetime together. 

Since I was a little boy, I envisioned the world in slow motion sequences protected by masked vigilantes and alliances that would save the world. But today is my greatest fantasy, one that goes beyond my imagination. Because it’s you, my precious.

When we get older, we start thinking: what will the world remember us by? You, and most people here who know me, you know that’s what scared me a lot during my younger years. Someone once asked me, “Ikaw, Jim, ano ba magiging legacy mo?” Di ba yun naman talaga ang habol natin? Saab, marrying you and raising our family will be my greatest legacy. So before God today, I promise you a life of laughter, my loyalty, my love and whole lot of rock and roll. 

My dad once told me: the perfect love is like the perfect song, some melodies may break and the rhythm may go off-pace but at the end, the song sings sweetly. This is our masterpiece. 

And I promise you, I will never get tired of singing it.





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