Certified otwolistas! We watched pay-per-view last Friday for the finale episode and we were shouting in  a volume that is...bother-your-neighbors high... but we can't help it! Sobrang kakilig tong dalawang 'to!

What's great about these 2 is they were upfront about their just-friends status for years so for them to finally admit that they are officially together... just makes one want to shout "may forever!"

Their Lake Tahoe video, during which James admitted to being in love with Nadine already.

From best friends to lovers, James (first name basis kasi close kami) admits that this is a new take on a relationship for him because he usually is physically attracted to the girl first before getting to know her... but with Nadine, it's the opposite.

He wasn't attracted to her at all which made him just be 100% himself (he wasn't on his toes or conscious about the way he was because doesn't like her that way). But in the process of getting to know her, that's when the attraction grew. He started to see her in a new light.

He got to know her first, so now when he looks at her, he sees someone so beautiful. EEEEEEEPPPPPP!

Love is friendship on fire! This is one of my favorite definition of love. A relationship that is grounded on real and authentic friendship.  You're best buddies, best of friends, just with more depth and passion that you gravitate toward that person in a special way.

Go team Real!