Mt Pulag: It's the Cliiiimmmmb... 2/2

Day 2 sees us wiping the sleep off our eyes, strapping our extra gears for the climb... and peeing at the sidebushes just before we descend from the Ranger Station... #confession

The Mother Earth crew divided our group into teams of 7-8 with one guide each. The trip was around 4 hours one way so we can get to the summit by 5am, just before sunrise. That was the goal and our eyes were set on it. We were excited to see the sea of clouds! Let's go!

It was really dark when we left so the headlights were necessary so we can see the trail. We had stops at Camp 1 and Camp 2, wherein we munched on our trail food (M&Ms and nuts for the win!) and refilled our bottles at the au naturel water stations.. Although as much as we would have wanted to rest a little longer, we cannot stay in one place for long because our body temperatures will drop... so we had to keep moving especially since needed to get to the summit before sunrise.

It was a long climb and there were moments wherein we wanted to just stop and turn back already...

The guide said that we can just stay at Peak 3, the closest thing to the summit if we wanted the view without having to climb more hours. That wasn't the goal, lol! But the last stretch was proving to be so cold, steep and difficult and of course kelangan pa namin bumalik! We couldn't imagine clocking in more hours than the hours it took us to get to Peak 3. We arrived a little past 5am already so we were climbing for more than 4 hours already haha!

So we decided that Peak 3 would have to do :) We are secured in that and our bodies will thank us for it. Lol!

Sunrise snapshots below, here's our view when we reached Peak 3:

(Just) Before Sunrise -  NOW SHOWING

Overall, it was an experience I'm glad I had. Since I've always been a beach or falls person, mountains wasn't really on my top favorite places to see... So after this adventure,  I've gotten a greater appreciation for climbing. It was definitely one of those "yaaaay! we reached the peak!" moments wherein you seem so small in the scale of everything around you.

Too bad I wasn't able to snap photos during the climb. My hands were freezing it could barely hold a camera! But here's a short video put together by Jona Bendicion on this trip... I'll let the moving pictures do the talking on the next post :)

Looking forward to the next climbing adventure!

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