Home-y feels

I have to say that it's different when people open their homes to you. The other night, the Facio family opened their lovely home to us Kids Core team and everything was home-cooked! From the spinach artichoke dip to the pork belly, to the salmon, to the pasta --- we were digging our forks and helping ourselves to hearty servings of these delicious treats over random conversations! The amount of effort and energy to put together everything was greatly appreciated! Even though we lost the Yes-No game (kelangan talaga sabihin haha!), we had fun playing! And of course the cutie Facio kids were there too spreading the lovely cheer around! :)

Kids Core team with Verapie and Peppa pig! haha! :D #KasaliDinSila

Last week, the #wemeethursday group slept over at Mhe's place and with the master chef, Val, in the house, we were able to whip up a few dishes in the kitchen, including her delicious Chicken Thai salad! Ais made pasta and Karla led the bacon-wrapped asparagus! Yummmm! I helped with the chopping and I made mango float! haha! :P (proud moment!)

Then last night, Achi and Christian invited us over to their home and we had a mini-tour of their house with the rest of the girls after dinner. We like entertaining ourselves so that was an impromptu part of the night. We were joking around and I caught myself laughing so hard, I can't even open my mouth to say my joke before I started laughing again! #maytililinglang

...and I want to be able to host something like that in the future. I want to have signature home-cooked meals for people to  keep coming back for and to open my home to closest friends in the future.

Wouldn't it be nice if more people would start doing that too?

I guess this is the modern-day breaking of bread -- a time of fellowship and sharing of lives. Something just breaks when people do that -- there's a sense of vulnerability and sharing of something very personal when this happens. At this day and age when boundaries are being drawn and personal space is valued in the hopes of championing the freedom and privacy of each person, opening your home to people is what you can say as counter-cultural these days... but there they are, these people who decided to be "inconvenienced" by opening their personal space  to let others in --- even striking up conversations, hosting a game or two and spending hours prepping in the kitchen to serve delectable meals.

So my heart is just really blessed when I witness these moments. So thank you peepz! It's something that I hope to be able to do in the near future :) Hmm... Maybe next Christmas? Ano kayang masarap na specialty? ;)

with the wemeethursday group last Saturday at Mhe's place! :P