12 Lessons I Learned This Year

2015 has been a year of transitions. If you asked the January-me where does she see herself by the end of the year, it wouldn't have crossed my mind to be here... From quitting my job last April, to setting up another online shop... and now, serving at full-time ministry at church, it has been a roller coaster ride. Just like what Augustus Waters said in the movie, A Fault in our Stars:

That was a great twist in my career and I praise God for that beautiful surprise because I am so much happier where I am now :)

I've also started as single this year, then I went to being in a relationship to being single again... Odiba! Haha! The last quarter has been a flurry of emotions -- from confusion, to seeking, to revelations, to being in tears, to being angry, then to finally smiling again... You should have been in my head a month ago -- there were so many more characters joined by Joy, Disgust, Anger and Sadness :P So being in these transitions this year, you can be sure that I had many lessons to take from these life events and here are 12 of them:

1.Kahit na alam mong God works in mysterious ways, He still has a way of surprising you in ways unimaginable.

2. He will plant desires in your heart that are according to His good, pleasing and perfect will. Sometimes you won't even realize that these are your desires until He confronts you with an opportunity that just sets your heart to dance. (Like what happened when serving as a full-time staff was opened to me. It set me off into a career heaven that I ended up publishing a premature blog post which I had to take down. Whoops! Excited lang! Lol!)

3. Okay lang aminin na hindi mo alam ang isang bagayYou don't always have to position yourself to get in the good graces of other people. Admitting that you don't know puts you in a position to learn and be excellent at it. :)

4. The only person that you need to please 24/7 is God. Don't keep trying to please everyone else, it's not gonna happen, and that's tiring! Yikes!

5. Being in full time ministry doesn't make you one of those people who have it all figured out, it actually shows you that there's so much more to figure out because the more you know, the more you see that you are still a work-in-progress... 

6. It's only by His grace that you can be molded into His likeness. Don't try doing it on your own, you cannot do it even with your 110% effort and 200% willingness.

7. God is a faithful and loving Father who will send people your way to show His  wisdom and love for you and whatever it is you are going through. That is why it is important to...

8. Surround yourself with people who love God because doing so gives you the guidance and the support you need you when it comes to the big decisions in your life.:)) I'm so grateful for my Victory GH family and my friends who were quick to pray with me and encourage me all throughout these changes.

9. The devil doesn't rest. When the enemy starts attacking you with lies, focus your eyes on Jesus and His promises.

10. Expand your horizon and ask God for you to be a vessel of His grace, love and blessings to other people. Don't be swallowed by the smallness of your situation because He can use you in whatever season you may be in.

11. God works together for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose. We will neither see nor understand our entire life ahead of us, but we can always trust that God has the best plans for us. :)

12. Give thanks IN all circumstances. Scripture says and studies show that gratefulness is good for the heart, mind, body and soul. There is always something to be thankful for, especially if you already have Jesus in your life.

There! So many big transitions happened this year and I hope that you somehow learned something from the lessons shared .. so with that, cheers to a  happy, fulfilling and purposeful 2016!

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