Boring?! NooooooO!

Energy levels have dropped at this side of the world. Bow.

I sometimes wonder whether I have turned into a boring bloke... more than once it happened -- a friend tells me a story and all I get to say in return was, "ahh... tlga?" And we all know how engaging that reply is!!! There are even times when I don't even say anything, I just hmmm as if to acknowledge her that I heard her!

Oh geeez! It's not that I am not interested, because I am... but sometimes I just really don't know what to say in return! What has happened to me??!! I feel so boring! I don't want to be boring! I want to be the girl who knows what to say, with animated facial expressions, the girl who engages someone into an easy conversation...

I shared this to a friend, and she was somewhat surprised and said how in our group, I was one of the girls who has overlapping circle of friends.. Yes, I was that girl before... and yet years after, I find myself with no words to utter at the other end of the conversation.

I know that conversations should just be natural... smooth... flowing. But then I also know that for those people who don't have this forte (apparently I'm already a part of this group! Whoops!), there is such a thing such as an art of conversation --- and just like any skill, it is something that is developed. Whew!

So my assignment is to start talking, hang around a bit more, listen, share my own stories... I noticed that lately, maybe this is a sign of aging, but I rather like being on my own... No problem having a healthy sense of security (enjoying your own company deserves a thumbs up alright) but in what I do, I really need to start building relationships.

So it's that extra push for me to engage and really share my life with the people around me. I'm content with my old friends and old cliques, but I think for this season, God is teaching me to let the conversation flow like a pro! haha! Not because it's what is expected of me but because Jesus is a relational being, He shares his life with his disciples by eating with them, spending time with them, teaching them many things! I am also not a fan of small talks, I like genuine conversations that really aims to get to know the others... So I guess to truly be a not-boring person, you just have to care enough?

I don't know how to end this post, hehe! Just want to share my sentiments lately :D I'll check back soon and update you guys on how I'm faring in the relationship department!