Sundays are the busiest for me... Like last night, all I wanted to do was lie in bed when I got home. :P I am physically and mentally spent that I am knocked out by 10pm  at the very least every Sunday! I think last Sunday I slept at 9pm and woke up at 9am the following morning! Whoooohoooo! Jackpot na 12 hrs of sleep!!!

But it's so much different a year ago... I was in total peace last night because I may be spent but I was certain of where I am. And I am glad to be where I am at this moment. Questions weren't clouding my mind as I wonder what my next step would be.

Basta ang gusto ko lang matulog, yun lang naman ang concern ko kagabi. :)

I was talking to 2 girls yesterday during the 5pm Preteens service and found out that it was their first time to attend. I was so elated as I found out that they were there just because they wanted to... They weren't brought by the parents, they weren't forced to be there out of a school requirement... they were there because they really wanted to come. God works in mysterious ways but sometimes He works right at the heart of 11-year old kids with a desire to come to know Him...

These moments brighten up my face making every tired bone in my body fine. THIS makes sense to me and that's more than what I could hope for a year ago.

Finding where you are exactly supposed to be is not overrated. There are many factors that can contribute to the joy and fulfillment that a job can bring, but finding the value of what you do takes the top spot. :)