Island life

Hello loves!

It's holiday today! So while my IG and FB feed are filled with getaway posts, I will take this time to update you on my most recent trip!

We went to CDO last week for a friend's wedding and took a side trip to Camiguin.

Was it a fun trip? SO MUCH FUN!!! I thought we were going to do the same thing we did last year, but there's so much to do at this lovely province that everything we did was new.

... including going snorkeling at the Giant Clam Sanctuary and watching an Italian make our thin-crust pizza at La Dolce Vita!

Here are some photos!

I was with Ais, Mhe and Val for this leg of the trip :) We missed the rest of the wemeethursdays group but we reunited with them when we went back to CDO in time for the wedding. So iz all good!!!

The white sand of Mantigue Island is reminiscent of Boracay's. The water was cool when we got there in the morning and the sun was blazing by midday! Parang summer lang talaga! Love it!

After Mantigue Island, we went to the Giant Clam Sanctuary where they hold 7 species of clams. We went snorkeling there with the guides who would point to different types of fishes and corals like ze photo below...

Okay na ba tong picture na to pang profile picture sa Facebook? haha! #pagbigyan

I am always energized when I go to a different place because it makes the world so much bigger and myself so much smaller compared to the vastness of everything around me... It reminds me that I praise a God of beauty and creativity...

In the words of Mandy Moore in the film, A Walk to Remember, 
"how can you see all these... and not believe?"