Heart of a Volunteer

Being part of a full-time ministry really opens your eyes to a lot of things around you because it gives you a front row seat into the hearts of the people you work with.

During my "tambay" mode aka hanging around at the reg table with the volunteers, I learned the following:
- one walks 45 minutes every Sunday just to volunteer for our 9am service
- one waits patiently to those he is discipling, just in case they decided to come; when I asked this guy "what if they don't come?" he replied ever-so-casually "it's okay, ganun naman po talaga. Basta hintayin ko nalang po sila, okay lang yun."
- one openly asks for feedback the first time he preached so he can apply it on the next service
- one gives out an immediate and resounding yes EVERY time I ask him to lead or participate in one of our activities at Kids Church (and I tell you, we have many activities :P)

...and it's not because they are just that good of people. This passion and this fervor to serve has to come from the One who is overflowing with goodness, that these volunteers are able to serve extravagantly and passionately.

Just looking at these young volunteers remind me so much of the heart that it takes to please God -- of going the extra mile to make disciples of all nations; of just doing something for God just because you want to; of wanting to improve your skill not to please others but because you want to please the One who gave you that gift/skill in the first place...

Photo Credit: http://jesusiswhatthisworldneeds.tumblr.com/