Mini Escapades Soon

It's been pouring here since yesterday and I must admit that I love waking up to the coolness of the room, while hearing the rain outside. :)

Of course, if I were out today, that would have been a different story. But since Mondays are our off at church, then cocooned in the room is today's morning peg... Ang daya noh, hehe! 

Just that the cool weather is such a welcoming change because it's been crazy hot here in Manila!  .... and fellow Manilenos say Amen!

These past few weeks though, I miss traveling! I was scrolling down my old posts and the last travel post was last February pa on Baguio... Gasppp! 

OA ba? hahaha!

So good thing though that even though I can't travel as much anymore (it's one trade off that I have to made peace with :P), I have 2 local trips for the year: CDO for a friend's wedding next month and Bohol for a conference.... which also happens to be my birthday week! 

So while I anticipate the next few months, here a few photos from my old post on Bohol to keep you company! :)

Konting teaser lang!

See you soon Bohol!


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