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So last weekend, Rhea and I had a crafternoon sesh with the peepz from Craft Mnl. It was my first time to attend a craft workshop so I was really excited about it :P

For one, I am not very crafty and second, point number one being, I know I have to up my craft game because we have Estelle which aims to provide unique and handmade accessories!

So mahiya nalang ako dibaaa... :P

It was one of those moments when we were just browsing online, brainstorming on ideas and Rhea and I saw that Craft Mnl will be holding a Resin Jewelry Workshop in a month's time... so we just clicked away, registered and poof! We were surprised on how easy it was to register..

Medyo nakakatakot nga kapag may credit card ka haha! Agad agad!

Resin is like gel solution that you can use as base in holding beads, trinkets, even real flowers together... anything goes really! Or if you already have a base, it's the thing you pour on top of the base to have a glassy finish on the jewelries. :)

My dream resin jewelries look like these, I hope to make something like these someday! :P


So pretty, right?

So back to the road to making those 3 items above,.. The workshop was a 2 half-day session that happened last weekend. It was very hands-on and focused. Since there were only 6 participants, we were able to just chat and ask questions to Nikki, the workshop facilitator.

With the rest of the participants

Rhea, biz partner in crime!

The simple way to make resin jewelries is to pour them on ready-made patterns such as wrapping papers and magazines. So we were asked to bring magazine for our jewelry patterns; 
cut, cut and away!

These were the patterns I chose. Lots of them are mixed patterns, although I should have chosen lighter, colorful ones because they tend to darken after putting on the resin...

Rhea's were so much brighter! Here we're putting resin on top of our creations already :) Oo, with measuring cups and gloves!  

The thing with resin is that it requires patience and keen attention to details because you have to leave them overnight to dry... and it's so much like baking where measurements, room temperature and timing play vital roles in the finished product. 

After putting them on our existing patterns, we still had extra resin... So for that, we we put them in malleable ice trays with beads and trinkets. Yes, they end up looking like yummy candies :) You just drop, stir and move the pieces around.

So that's it for Day 1, cutting and glazing the patterns... we had to leave it there overnight for the curing process...

So for day 2, we sand down the edges of our creations and put the finish touches... like the hooks, chain, jump rings, etc to make them bonafide jewelries already!

... and here are our finished pieces, ta-daaaaan!

Here's our best work in one shot. Hehe! Can you guess where's mine? 
Tip: Scroll back a few pictures to see my patterns :P

Class Shot! whoohooo! 
There were only 3 of us on Day 2 because it was Mother's Day, reprezent!  
Here we are grinning with our creations!

It was a fun workshop and I enjoyed doing something with my bare hands... my hands were all red and tingly after, but seeing the finished products was worth it. I was showing them to my family that very night like a giddy kindergarten-er! :P Lol!

It was a great experience and we can't wait to incorporate what we learned to Estelle. :)

Click here for the Craft Mnl site.

Hoping you'll be a craft-maker yourself! ;)

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  1. Try to checkout the craftsmith at salcedo they have awesome stuffs and nice reads aswell.

    1. Craftsmith! Got it! Thanks Paul for the suggestion!


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