Let's be Taste-Makers!


It's been awhile... Sorry! I think there may now be spam viewers trolling my site because despite my MIA status on this page for the past month, my views have spiked!

That's weird, right? So this is me making sure that this page will be more active in the next few weeks.. *pinky promise* ...but if you are a legit viewer, thanks for visiting! :) Mwah mwah tsup tsup! LoL!

So, I am now officially cut off from the corporate world and this is one of the things I enjoy doing -- making desserts!

There's a phrase that I came across the IG feed recently: "let's be makers!" and it's just a great thing to be throwing it out there as an invitation to keep the creativity and passion alive by doing and making something... So I tried doing just that... and this week's episode brings you, "The Joys of Dessert-making!"

(This weekend, Rhea and I will attend a jewelry workshop, so yes, more of "The Joys of Jewelry-making on the next post! I really am so creative! :P)

When it comes to no-bake desserts, it need not be complicated, if you love to eat, then you know what certain ingredients go well together like chocolate + nutella + banana + almonds, or avocado + cream cheese + pistachio, or apple + cinnamon + caramel...

So I've tried 3 desserts for the past week and yaaay! Masarap naman daw! Hehe!

Mangoes though will always be my favorite because of its effortless sweetness! :) My dessert go-to when it comes to this fruit is mango float (graham crackers + cream + condensed + mangoes)... this morning, however, I tried incorporating other ingredients to make it a little different.

What you'll need:
1 whole cream cheese
5 250 ml All-Purpose Cream
1 250 ml Condensed Milk
Cashew nuts (grounded)
Corn Flakes (unsweetened)
1 Mango (sliced in cubes)
1/4 Peaches (canned)
Graham crackers (Honey)

How to's:
1. Mix these ingredients together in a bowl until mixture is smooth: 1 whole cream cheese + 3 250 ml All-Purpose Cream + 125 ml Condensed Milk + corn flakes + cashew nuts

2. In a separate bowl, mix these together: 2 250 ml All-Purpose Cream + 125 ml Condensed milk + Mangoes (sliced in cubes) + Peaches (sliced also)

3. Line the rectangular container with the Graham Crackers, then start layering:
    Layer 1: Graham
    Layer 2: Mixture 2
    Layer 3: Graham
    Layer 4: Mixture 1
    Layer 5: Graham
    Layer 4: Mixture 2
* This depends on your tastebuds... if you love, love, love cheesecakes, then you can do the layering the other way around, but I like it to be sweeter and more fruity so more of the Mixture 2 for me :)

4. Top it with ground cashew nuts.

So there! It's so easy!!! ;) I'll be bringing these to my Bible Study group tomorrow and I hope that they'll like it!

Go ahead, be a tastemaker and share the sweet treat to your friends!