Wait Lang

Patience is a virtue, so goes the age-old saying... and while waiting may initially come off as a passive way of passing time, there is nothing passive about it at all!

Whew! I think that lately God is telling me to wait and not hurry in so many areas in life. I guess I'm the kind of person who gets excited about new things that once I plunge in it, I expect results immediately. And if I fail to see results, would start to worry and start looking somewhere else for a faster route to my desired outcome.

Case in point: my biz-aspiring self. I currently have SMFW, which is a bit slow at the moment, and then just last Wednesday, I launched Estelle with my friend Rhea... And while we're getting loves and compliments for our items, I was also in anticipation of customers to start flocking in from day 1. And when that didn't happen, I started to worry... that I made desserts yesterday and took orders from friends, as my mind was racing on what else I can do to pick up the pace of Estelle and resurrect SMFW from its hiatus...

But there's a time for everything, and waiting produces valuable things, like patience, humility and perseverance.

That, and most amazing and wonderful things take time, right? So I'm calling myself to this impatient, worried girl that I have become for the past weeks..

So this is me, inhaling -- taking a deep breathe -- and waiting :)

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